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Take a break from your hectic schedule and explore yourself, explore your surroundings and explore your lifestyle. A country like India allows you immense pleasures in terms of entertainment. Traditional India has been a matter of envy for many since ages. Browse through the realms of traditional lifestyle in the country and feel its essence. Explore the websites and find out exciting things about the traditional lifestyle of India. Let www.bestindiansites.com help you. Visit the sites mentioned below for a better view.

Thehorizons.com: (www.thehorizons.com/gallery.htm)

Traditional painting can be traced to ancient times. Artists have been producing works of lyrical beauty, naturalism and grace. This gallery welcomes you to the traditional lifestyle art works of budding artists as well as some of India’s most renowned. You can purchase an art if you like it. View their works and then decide.

Content.msn.co.in: (content.msn.co.in/Lifestyle/FashionBeauty/LifestylePTI_230307_1549.htm)

If you are tired of the western style perfumes then maybe you would like to try something Indian. The good old ‘Ittar’ has not only a fresh fragrance but also therapeutic values as well. So the next time you want to go for perfume, try ‘Ittar’ and before doing that visit the site and find out about this Indian essence. There are various types of ‘Ittar’. Find out about them from here.

Mapsofindia.com: (www.mapsofindia.com/culture/india-culture.html)

Indian traditional lifestyle needs special mention because of its vastness and variety. If you want a glimpse in to the lives of the traditional Indians, then this is the site for you. Get a view of their traditional lifestyle. Know how they greet and why they use flower garlands or even get to know about the Indian marriages. This site will give you all of this and more. Take a look.

Indiantravels.com: (www.indiantravels.com/cultural-india/indian-music.html)

Music is an inseparable entity of the traditional lifestyle of India. If you want to know about this important aspect of the traditional Indians then visit the site. You will get to know about the types of Indian music, their history and more. Pamper your auditory senses right here with all the details of the beautiful melodies of Indian music.

Fabindia.com: (www.fabindia.com/fabNews.asp)

Anyone who knows about the cultural diversity of India will be interested in the traditional lifestyle clothing of the country. Khadi is extremely popular with the Indians. Fabindia brings you comfortable Indian traditional lifestyle clothing for you to try. Mixing colour and style Fabindia has given Indian traditional lifestyle clothing a new face. Watch out for the new style statement.

Passionforindia.com: (www.passionforindia.com/fashion.html)

Get a glimpse of the traditional Lifestyle clothing of India in this site. Find out about the different attires of the country from here. The site has traditional lifestyle clothing details for men as well as females. Take a look at the site and find out the details.

Food.sify.com: (food.sify.com/)

Get mouth watering Indian dishes on your platter. India can never be known without the variety it provides in terms of cuisines. Have the myriad vulture it does, the food of different regions find special position among things to be mentioned about the country. Try out different traditional lifestyle food from the country. Cook up recipes and amaze guests with the different tastes you can provide them with.

Omartandcraft.com: (www.omartandcraft.com/ )

Jewellery is an integral part of Indian traditional lifestyle. Om Art & Craft brings you creative and an amazing collection of jewellery. Jewellery for all occasions, jewellery for all ages and yet maintaining the tradition of cultural India is found here. Order your piece of traditional lifestyle jewellery from here. You could buy for yourself or even gift them to someone. Why don’t you take a look yourself and pick your piece.

Tdil.mit.gov.in: (tdil.mit.gov.in/E_TOURISM_CDAC/tourism1/Art.HTML)

Rajasthan has always been famous for the artifacts that it produces. Apart from being traditional it is also now gaining popularity for the style statement that it gives out. This cultural hub is famous not just in India but world over. It gives a natural feeling to its art and craft. View the textile crafts, metal ware, leather wear, wood craft and the miniature paintings in this site.

Allindiaweb.com: (www.allindiaweb.com/directory/Arts_and_Entertainment/)

Traditional lifestyle art of India is something to be mentioned about. For those who are interested in the myriad culture of India, this site is a complete treat for them. You will have access to a whole lot of traditional lifestyle art and craft. You can select a State of your choice and get into the entertainment provided there. You may choose by a State or you can choose by categories like architecture or movies or fine art etc.

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