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Although not wholly established, but pedantics regard Indian literature as the oldest form of literature in the world. The earliest form of Indian literature was created in the oral form and later written in a verse form in Sanskrit. Vedas are the most sacred form of knowledge and apart from that epics such as the “Ramayana” and the “Mahabharata” are the most important works in the Indian literature. Apart from Arthashstra and Vaastu Shastra all the literary works such as drama, poetry and songs were religious in nature. During the Mughal dynasty Muslim literature dominated the scene of Indian literature. In different regions Indian literature has a distinct flavor. Several Indian writers have distinguished themselves in the arena of modern Indian literature. If you are an avid reader and want to surmise the rosy picture of Indian literature, don’t hesitate to visit these 10 power houses of knowledge:


123India.com, the online directory portal comes in handy if you are keen on navigating through the sites on Indian literature. The sites will give you a chance to experience the rich heritage of Indian literature. The comprehensive list of Indian literature-related sites includes various Indian languages, works of great authors, musicians, poets and so on. Read the epics, short stories, verse, articles and plenty of other literary works.


SurfIndia.com could be of immense help to anyone who is looking to explore the numerous facets of literature in India. Browse through the literature listings to get the taste of the literary works of the greatest and world renowned Indian authors. You can take a tour of the categories on history, artists, autobiography, awards, philosophy and so on.


A visit to the site of The India Club, Inc. will open up a vast and enriching world of fiction and literature in India. Look for a wide ranging collection of book titles under different categories. Besides the classics, check out the collection of contemporary books as well. Get an excerpt about the book, its author and avail the special low prices. The wide variety of fiction and literature in India is bound to take you by surprise.


Sahitya Akademi is a highly reputed organization, entrusted with the responsibility of setting high standards in Indian literature. See the synopsis of important publications and list of books and journals published by the Akademi in the various Indian languages. The sections like projects, library, awards and others are worth taking a look. The project descriptions on oral literature in India are immensely appealing.


This online library of Literature is well packed with the works of authors like Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Emily & Charlotte Bronte, Lewis Carroll and the likes. This site makes for good online reading and has neatly separated sections which make browsing easier. For all those who have the patience to read online you must visit this site once for the stock that they have.


This site is for those who love Indian Literature. This sight gives an insight to the culture of India and the type of literature it has followed over the years. It directs the user to the correct navigation path and is easy to use. It also contains a lot of the famous works by the famous artists of literature and hence gives its readers a good view into the works of well known laureates.


When you need information on the history of any classical author this is the site that you need to visit. This gives a detailed history about the author and his or her work. Behind a not so impressive look lies an informative website that gives all the relevant information.


Those who love to read would love to visit this site for the variety it offers. This site has kept in mind not just the adult readers but it also keeps the children in mind. From “Alice in Wonderland” to “A Doll's House” it makes for a complete reading forum and a sure eye catcher for lovers of literature.


This website is an ideal one for the students of Karnataka literature. It will offer you a comprehensive and elaborate history of the Karnataka literature right from its inception up to the present times, touching on the significant features of the different periods of the Karnataka literature. This site will undoubtedly prove extremely beneficial and useful for the Kannada literature students, illuminating the browser on the different periods in the history of the Karnataka literature.


The site gives a brief history of the Indian literature in the ancient India. It discusses the medieval Indian literature and its themes, and various religious movements that inspired the Indian literature. Then it explains the linguistic and cultural influences that brought about a distinct flavor in regional Indian literature. In the conclusion it describes the modern Indian literature and authors along with some example of their literary creation.

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