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In the early days of computer electronic computers were the size of a large room, consuming as much power as several hundred modern personal computers. But along with the progress of science, the form and shape of computers have also changed as have their manufacturing methods. Nowadays computers can be made small enough to fit into a wrist watch and be powered from a watch battery. People have come to recognize personal computers and their portable equivalent, the laptop computer, as icons of the information age; they are what most people think of as "a computer". Along with the increasing popularity and usage of computers the number of companies manufacturing computers has also grown. There are now loads of companies in India, too, who manufacture or assemble computers and this page brings you the best ten sites on computer manufacturers of India.


CCS Infotech Ltd. is one of India's most reputed Information Technology Solutions provider and computer manufacturers. CCS had wide array of expertise include Hardware Solutions, Software Development and Networking Services. CCS made Knight-X desktop computers are developed for corporate and institutional customers who need highly reliable systems within networked environments. They have received wide spread acclaim in India. Industry-wide compatibility contributes to the high dependability of CCS’s Power PCs.


If you want to buy some local assembled but high quality laptops at an affordable price this is just the site for you. Swamipc is the first online computer store who manufactures locally assembled computers in India. If you don't want to shell out oodles of moolah on branded laptops just browse through their range of laptops which will be totally value for money as well as look sleek as the branded ones. Happy buying!


The Moon Computers is one of the fastest growing personal computer and peripherals manufacturers and importers in India. The PC and notebook computer manufactured by them was developed under the "Moon" brand name. The group has continued to invest in EISA, VIBUS PCI, PCMCIA, Green PCs, Sound Cards, CD-ROM drives and video accelerator boards. They target to focus on high-end PCs and PC products in India and provide value-added technology. This esteemed computer manufacturing company strives to develop India's industrial and service sector through the distribution of world class hardware and software.


Cerebra is one of the most esteemed hardware and software computer parts manufacturers of India. This is a company which can assure you high quality in an affordable price. So if you want to get computers which will be value for money this is just the site for you. Glance through this site and be informed.


PCS Technology, one of the leading computer manufacturing concerns of India, has recently tied up with the market leader in IT distribution - REDINGTON, to utilize the ever-growing PC demand across the Indian Market. To penetrate into a wider market segment with their range of high quality desktop PCs and notebooks, PCS Technology Limited has entered into a distribution tie-up with REDINGTON. With the help of this merger the PCS aims to route its channel business and facilitate sale of the range of PCs and Notebooks to SOHO, SMB, education sectors, Govt. customers across the country with an added focus on B and C class towns.

silvertouch.com(www.Silvertouch.com )

Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. is one of India's most dynamic and forward looking IT companies and computer parts manufacturer in India. Over the last couple of years it has successfully achieved a perfect synergy between computer hardware, software, networking, maintenance, and other computer peripherals. This company provides a complete IT solution to its customers. Explore more about these computer manufacturers from this site.


Supertron computer is one of the most esteemed PC component manufactures in the Indian subcontinent. The Supercomp range of optical mouse will give you extreme comfortable handling, high accuracy & reliability. Smart & Novel designed with optical tracking technology allows you to minimize the workload. Supercomp Keyboards have slim & sleek look. Impressive design and feather touch key will cut down your 30% time to easy access of Internet and multimedia. Specially designed hot keys will allow you to easily Cut, Copy Paste, Undo, Redo comfortably. So if you are looking for some authentic computer parts manufactured in Indian this could be a gem of site for you.


Today SCPL is one of the leading manufacturers of Personal Computer Systems. The main target of SCPL is to provide Total Solution based on computerized scheme to suit individual client’s needs and their budget, with provision fir future expansion in mind. Over the years SCPL has introduced computer system based on latest technology, even before the proliferation of IBM compatible systems. This Gujarat based computer manufacturing has made its mark among the Indian computer manufacture with its high quality products.


Rasnet is a leading computer server and router manufacturing company in India. They have a wide range of servers which they have brought on the market. For authentic value for money computer parts and servers you can trust this manufacturer. So if you need to buy some cost effective computer hardware part remember to visit this site. So all you techies, be on the look out.


This site brings you the names of a host of companies manufacturing computer hardware and computer peripheral in India. Nowadays you don't have to look out for imported computer hardware or peripherals for a lot of Indian companies have gained prominence as computer and computer parts manufacturers. This site makes the task easier for you and now you don't have to hunt down authentic computer manufacturers of India. Just visit this site and be informed.

Gather information on the reputed computer manufacturers of India with the help of this web page. www.bestindiansites.com