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From time immemorial India has a rich and glorious tradition in medicine. Ayurveda which is an important branch of medicine, originated in the ancient India. India specializes in different branches of medicine including Ayurveda, homeopathy and allopathy. Now India is carrying out extensive research work on nuclear medicines. In the recent times India has become a chief medical tourist destination owing to its highly efficient and cost-effective medical treatments. Take an in-depth look into the medical industry of India by logging on to the following 10 portals. You will get a comprehensive and clear overview about Indian medicine and the top pharmaceutical industries of India by cruising through these 10 best websites.


Welcome to the virtual health library of India. This portal will serve as a treasure trove if you are searching for information on health and medicine in India. Educate yourself on health issues by watching the free animated health videos. Enter into the online library where you can browse through a comprehensive collection of magazines and journals on medicine and health. Check-out the exclusive news capsule section and keep yourself posted on what’s going on in the world of Indian medicine. If you are suffering from any health-related ailments drop by this portal to receive expert guidance from well-experienced medicos and get customized solutions. Stop by the world’s biggest online “consumer health library”, HELP. Expose yourself to the world of Indian medicine. Take a look at the different health issues and introduce yourself to the leading medical professionals of India --- much more will follow once you drop in at this portal.

crystalinks.com: (www.crystalinks.com/indiascience.htm)

Familiarize yourself with the ancient Indian medicine and surgery procedures by logging on to this portal. This portal will enlighten you on the medicine and medicinal cures that were prevalent in the ancient times in India. Learn about the surgery and medicine of ancient India. The site will shed light on, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian branch of medicine. Get a precise and comprehensive overview of the ancient Indian medicine by browsing through this portal.


This portal will introduce you to the Society of Nuclear Medicine, India. Check-out their aims and objectives to know them better. Take a look at their case-studies. Browse through the information on nuclear medicine provided on this portal. Want to build a career in nuclear medicine? Visit the jobseekers platform. Recruiters can also hunt for potential employers by dropping in at the same platform. Browse through the information on nuclear medicine provided on this portal. Cruise through the related links on nuclear medicine which you find highly beneficial. You will get all the details on their upcoming conferences and events by logging on to this portal.


Click on this one-stop portal where you will find all conceivable details and information related to health and medicine in India. This portal has everything related to health and medicine in India under its belt. Check-out the latest health news. Watch health animation videos; take a look at the health videos section and educate yourself on health. Browse through the “Health Watch” and “Health in Focus” categories and equip yourself with information on health. Cruise through the navigational links which you can find on the left side of the portal to avail the health guide directory; learn about the medical services and health consultants of India.

geocities.com: (geocities.com/hotsprings/spa/4798)

Introduce yourself to the Integrated Medicine Research Association of India. Dr. P.R. Mhatre is the honorable President cum Chairman of this prestigious institute. Check-out their archive section and get informed on their earlier case studies. This premier medical association of India is in the process of bringing out a book and a CD which will act as a brilliant reference tool for the medicos. Take a sneak peek into the contents of the book. For further details on this project simply click on the buttons which you can find on the top and bottom of this portal. This portal welcomes your comments and suggestions --- you can send in your comments via the e-mail.


Orchid Pharmaceuticals Company has obtained global recognition and presence in developing as well as manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), finished dosage forms and new Drug discovery. All its major products can be classified into two categories namely the active pharmaceutical ingredients and the formulations. In the section of API, it produces cefalexin, cefradine and cefadroxil in the first generation, cefprozil in the second generation, Cefixime, Ceftibuten and many other drugs in the third generation. It also offers drugs which are anti infective, anti inflammatory, anti oxidants, anti ulcerents and CNS as well as CVS.


Ranbaxy is a very popular name in the Indian pharmaceutical market. The medicines and drugs manufactured by this pharma giant are popular not only in India but also in most other places of the world. Having the finest R&D facilities, its core competency lies in the areas of producing generic pharma products, value added pharma products, value added generic pharmaceuticals, branded generics, API's and intermediates. It is listed among the top ten generic companies.


Sun pharmaceutical is a very big player in the global pharmaceutical market. It has been declared as the number one Indian company in some areas of specialty therapy like neurology, cardiology, and psychiatry, to name a few. The API products of this pharmaceutical MNC are mainly anticancer, analgesic and anti inflammatory steroids. It commands leadership in almost all the therapy areas where it is operational and all its products are highly rated by the physicians.


Check-out the comprehensive directory presented on this portal which enlists all the Indian manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical, medicinal, surgical and healthcare products. This portal serves as an online business platform where the buyers can explore business opportunities both in the local and in the international market. The portal is enabled with a search box; simply select the product category and embark on an easy search.


Kay & Company manufactures and exports medical equipments, surgical instruments and hospital furniture. It has been in this business for the past 50 years. The products of Kay & Company are exported to more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Africa, Middle-East and South-East Asia. Check-out their vast range of products. Learn about the career opportunities available in this company. If you want to deal in medical equipments check-out how you can get their franchise by logging on to this site.

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