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Men's Perfumes

Smell or odor is considered to have a significant effect on a person’s mood. Aromatherapy is a therapeutic science, based on the concept of healing people using different smelling essential oils. It is therefore necessary to use perfumes, deodorants, volatile essential oils and colognes to feel fresh, happy and healthy.

Men love perfumes. The feeling of an elegance comes with perfumes. The dress up of a man is incomplete without perfume. Indian men have a temptation for variant perfumes. Perfumes are made from aromatic compounds and essential oils. This page encompasses the best sites which provide information about the fragrances and perfumes in India, Men perfumes India, Designer Perfumes India, etc. If you are interested to gather details about the wide array of men's perfumes in India and buy them then check out the following.

Perfume Station (www.perfumestationonline.com/)

Perfume Station is one of the top perfume sites. It is involved in the sale of perfumes for men, women and teenagers, and for different occasions, personalities and zodiac signs. Its products also include car perfumes. The site has a tab giving facts about perfumes like its history, how it works etc.

Perfume Crush (www.perfumecrush.com/)

Perfume Crush is among the best perfume websites in India. It sells over 500 national and international brands of fragrances. It also gives customers the chance to pay cash on the delivery of the products at their home. In addition, the site has a guide to understand the smell and quality of perfumes.

CoolSprays (coolsprays.com/)

This is a one of the most popular online perfume stores in India. It has a great collection of perfumes for both the genders. The e-commerce site offers heavy discounts on its perfumes. The products sold here are original and include brands like Versace, Burberry, Escada and Chanel.

Perfume 2 Order(www.perfume2order.com)

Perfume 2 Order is a favored site selling perfumes. It has perfumes, deos and EDT sprays for men and women. The site also has eau de parfum, celebrity fragrances, cologne sprays, after shave and car perfumes. The recommended use and year of introduction are mentioned in each perfume page.

Perfume Direct (www.perfumesdirect.co.in/)

This is another popular perfume e-store in India. It offers heavy discounts on its products. The site also has one of the largest collections of brands, which includes Boss, David Beckham, Calvin Klein, and Kenzo. The fragrances can be filtered according to gender, brand name and price range.

Flipkart (www.flipkart.com/health-and-beauty/fragrances?)

Flipkart is one of the top e-commerce sites in India. Its Fragrances section has one of the largest collections of perfumes, air fresheners and deodorants from national and international brands. You can select your fragrances according to gender and brand. Brands here include Davidoff, Playboy and Hugo Boss.

Natural Fragrances (www.naturalfragrances.net/)

This site is for the Kanpur based company Lala Jagdish Prasad & Co.. The company is involved in the production of pure essential oils, organic concentrates and herbal extracts, which are the natural and non-alcoholic perfumes in India. You can read about these varied perfumed oils in the site.

Nemat Fragrances (www.nematfragrances.com/)

Nemat Fragrances is a famous fragrance producing company. Its offerings include perfume oils, attars and fragrant products like soaps, potpourri and incence sticks. In addition, the site has a tab called “Learning Center” that explains how to make your own perfume and other fragrant products.

BMV Fragrances (www.bmvfragrances.com/)

This is another well known perfume producing company site. Its products are essential oils extracted from plants like myrrh, clove, lavender and saffron. These are used as perfume bases and aromatherapy. The site has a section explaining the uses and properties of different essential oils.

Top Perfume Brands in India

This is a great website for gaining knowledge of the perfume industry in India. This web page talks about the industry’s growth prospects and its unorganized nature. It also has information about the famous perfume brands, and the present performance trends in the perfume market in India.

Some Other Websites for Perfumes


This web portal offers exclusive information about the perfumes for men. It provides updated information about the most desirable perfumes for men. The perfumes add a style statement to a men's personality and so it is best to choose a perfume that suits you. The article on the men's perfumes helps you to opt for the best perfume in the market. Watch out this site for the right perfume for yourself.


It is one of the best online portal offering a wide array of Deodorant Sprays and Men's Perfume in sensuous, rich and masculine fragrances. Their unique collection provides variant aromas filled in designer bottles. It also houses the perfumes of the designer brands like Lomani Paris, Adidas, Azzaro, Celebrities, Charlie and a host of others. Just click in the site and choose the desired one. You can sort the perfumes by price and popularity.


This website is the one stop resource center for not only men's perfumes but also women's perfumes. Their perfumes section includes Perfume for Men, Perfume for Women, Escada Perfume, Christian Dior Perfume, Adidas Perfume and many others. View this website and bag your favorite perfume.


Habib International is one of the leading producers of attars and Indian perfumes. Go through their site and view their huge product range. Their products include perfumes, Arabic attars, Indian attars and many others. All the products offer a rich aroma to the Indian men.


Sachee Fragrances and Chemical Ltd is one of the renowned exporters and manufacturers of perfumery fragrances and aromatic chemicals. It offers mens fragrances, spray perfumes, deodorant perfumes, mens fragrance spray and body spray. Just visit the website and watch out the various fragrances for men.


In this site you can avail details about the SPF Sons India Pvt. Ltd. which is a leading supplier of branded men's perfume in India. Their product range includes attar perfume, fragrance attar, fragrance perfume, perfume spray etc. Check out this supplier's perfume products in this website.


This web portal offers details about the latest trends in men's perfumes and fragrance products. You can check out the articles like The Longest Lasting Mens Fragrances, Mens Fragrance Launches and many others. Just browse this site for more information.


If you want to gift perfumes then this site is the ideal destination. View the Perfumes for Men collection and opt for the best one to send as a gift to India. It features perfumes like Usher EDT Spray, Burberry London EDT Spray, Joseph Abbouda EDT Spray etc.


This site provides huge listings of the companies which offers designer fragrances, perfumes, oils, colognes etc. Click in the mouse in the site and view the listings. It provides a wide array of information on the fragrances for men.

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