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The world is going completely crazy over miniatures these days. It is said that small things come in good packages. It's true. The smaller the technology, the advanced it is. Take your mobile for instance. The smaller it is, the higher is its value and more equipped it is with in built technologies. Are you ready to romp up the miniature kingdom? The bestindiansites.com gives you a greener view of it. The 5 most popular websites are compiled here to provide in-depth information, insight and the shining face of the miniature dome.

miniatures.about.com (miniatures.about.com/od/whatareminiatures/What_are_Miniatures.htm)

Clueless what miniatures are? Do you feel you are trotting an alien ground? Well, to make the miniature kingdom familiar to you, miniatures.about.com is there. All the information you need to gather, how to collect miniatures with a kick-start, where to buy miniatures, miniatures discussion forum, magazines you would feel that you know everything about miniatures after navigating through this site.


Miniature toys for boys. That is what wizards.com aims to provide. Yes, if you are fascinated by the miniscule game world on the net, this place will keep you hooked on. You can tour up the miniature gallery, miniature playing tournament, products section, book of rules for playing miniature games and all. Once you come here, you will find it hard to call a quit.


Even art has not escaped the clutches of miniaturization. So the art lovers who are caught in the web of miniature art fancy will get some meat here. Substantial information on this cult of art is laid down in details. You will get to see how miniature painting looks and what it takes an artist to create such marvels.


Nanotechnology- does the name surge up your interest? Do you want to mop up the dome of miniature technology? Read exclusive and comprehensive write up on miniaturization of technologies. Different forms of nanotech stuffs and intricate news, reviews and previews are provided for you. Even the modular sketches are put up for a better and easier understanding of the working principles.


The tangible form of Indian miniature portraits or portraiture has earned great critical acclamation. Eminent painter Bhimarao Murgod expressed his innermost thoughts through miniature portraits in an exhibition held in Matighar, IGNCA from January 19 to January 28 in 2001. This site delves deep into unraveling the salient features of Mr. Murgod's craftsmanship, his earlier accomplishments, etc. This site gives you the option of viewing the images either by thumbnails or by image details.

Continue searching with www.bestindiansites.com and always keep yourself informed and posted.