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Genres mark the predominant style or content of a given age. A genre paints the mood, the pattern and the unique features of a particular age for the onlooker. The patterns of the genres gone by are topic of interest to many eager hearts, especially those who are in the swim of things. Genre has a wider perspective when generically talked about. Therefore, the focus is slimmed down to certain prominent art forms like reading, writing, literature, music and films. Below are the ten worth-watches that give you a closer view of the different genres of different art forms. This bird’s view will take you to ten websites on respective genre of the most popular art forms.


This writing laboratory extends help to the budding writers. The multiple forms of writing are explored. This is definitely a writer’s cup of tea. Learning various ways to write will not only hone a writer’s skill but also give him flexibility. The closely guarded tricks and tips to become a successful writer are let out. This can also be a handy help for the professional writers in excelling in their field of work.


the latest craze rocking the Nation is youtube.com. After bagging the award for the greatest discovery in the last year, this is the “in thing”. It is the online hub of videos, especially music scores. Musical videos of all the genres are present here. You just require opening your account to start exploring. The best part is you can stack any video of your choice in your webpage as your favourite. You can even group with friends for sharing music online.


Those who have a knack for literature and want to know the literary genres at length can click onto here. This is the online glossary for them who desire to probe into the depth of literature. Students will find this website quite friendly. The minutest detail of each segment is dealt with. For those who look for precision, this is the place to be.


For film buffs, this website will mean a lot. With separate segments for each genre, this are explicitly put down. Each genre is substantiated with links to films that explain the nature pretty well. Stumbling on certain things? A reference is there to answer the doubtful issues.


It is said that in order to be in sync with any language you need to read. So those who want to sharpen their language skills will find Gutenberg projects a blessing. The vast library of e-books offers you books of all genres for a riveting read. The icing on the cake is that books of different languages are available. No membership, no subscription. All you need to do is search for the book you want to read. You can read online, bookmark the pages for future read or catch up with the unfinished part at a suitable time.


Mystical science fiction is a literary sub genre which oscillates between mysticism and science fiction. But literary genre is gaining more and more popularity. In fact mystical science fiction has always existed in different names like sublime erotica, God sleep talking etc. But this is a genre which deals with important issues of mankind like human immortality and the central purpose of human evolution. To know more about this interesting literary genre, do visit this site.


If you are a movie buff who is interested in knowing the different genres of Indian movies that are rocking the box office then this could be a gem of a site for you. Nowadays more and more film makers in India are experimenting with new film genres. Gone are the days of good old romantic movies or action movies. Now a days there are action thrillers, horror film, social sagas which are also creating ripples among the Indian moviegoers. To know about all these film genres just log into this site and be informed.


This is an article which would delight all music lovers who are especially MTV fans. MTV is planning on airing a lot of programs from different genres. Their new program The Ultimate mash up will bring musical artists from different genres to blend their mellifluous efforts into one sound track. To know more about the musical genres MTV plans to incorporate in their programs visit this site and read on.


Sahitya- Academy is an institute which is dedicated towards the betterment of the literary tradition of India. Work shops are held here regularly to promote different genres of literature like poetry drama and short story. In spite of the pan-Indian character of our literature, writers and readers in one language know very little of what is being written in the neighboring linguistic area or the writers of other genres. It is, therefore, necessary to devise methods by which Indian writers may come to know each other, cross the barriers of language and genres and this institute just endeavors to do that.


All you music aficionados now can know about the latest music releases in the various musical genres like jazz, Indian folk, Indian pop, metal and rock from this site. This site not only informs you about these musical genres but also gives reviews about the latest albums and songs in these musical genres. So what ever genre of music may appeal to you this is a site which caters to music buff of all kinds.

Know about the all time favorite genres with the help of this web page. It has been an honest effort to satisfy the tastes of different people looking for sites on different genres of different art forms.

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