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Good movies are like good food they keep your brain and heart nourished and your mind relaxed. India is a land of cultural diversity where every form of artistic expression has a huge creed of followers and admirers. Movies are considered to be the most popular medium of mass-entertainment, and an extremely potent weapon for promoting certain ideas and philosophies. The reel world in India is perpetually vibrating with the largest number of films produced annually, a number of which are in regional languages. When you come to think of Indian movies, your focus inevitably zooms in on Bollywood or the Hindi Film Industry based in Mumbai. Almost 95% of Indian audience watch Bollywood movies and keep track of all the buzzing events happening in front of and behind the camera there. Hence, the popularity of Bollywood has traveled far and wide to the Indian and other south Asian communities living in the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia. International movies, needless to mention, has a far-reaching impact irrespective of cultural or geographical boundaries. Now bestindiansites.com undertakes an humble project of listing 10 best Indian websites on Indian and western movies.


Are you on the hunt for the latest in theaters? Do you need a review of a movie you are planning to watch during the weekend? If your answer is an elated 'yes', must visit this site before you plan your weekend. This site will offer you the latest news in theaters and by the ratings mentioned here you can easily decide which movie to plan for.


This is a complete package with all the latest hits and the latest reviews on new releases. Besides, it also has all the gossip you long to hear about the stars. Movie updates, new releases, forthcoming releases, reviews, gossips, interviews, the latest videos, even regional movies are given here. If you are a movie buff, you may find this site tailor made for you!


Your pursuit for the latest movies and the latest movie gossips ends here. Perfectly packed with information that you are looking for, this site also attracts attention for its easy navigation features. This is a well categorized site and user friendly too. See trailers and clippings of your favorite movies, voice your opinion in the fan forum, check out the impressive DVD segment and photo gallery. You can also book tickets and know the show timings.


This site is as trendy and swank as the man who owns it. It has a rather filmy look about it attracting users all the more. Once you visit this site you are bound to feel compelled to browse and once you are done, find for yourself how masterfully is the site constructed to suit your purposes. This site is a must visit for its elan and innovation in dishing out information.


Ask any movie buff in Kolkata, Bangalore, Goa or Nagpur and an ingenuous smile will flash at the mention of Inox. This is a favourite not only with the youngsters but also with the elderly who want to watch a good movie at the solace of Inox. The site hence comes as a welcome relief to those who want to book tickets online or participate in various activities at Inox. Get up-to-date information as to what are the new releases and the price of the tickets.


Get into the groove only with indiainfo.com! This site offers a world of updates on spicy as well as on serious stuffs going around in the sphere of Indian entertainment. Its salient features include Bollywood, Interviews, Masala, News, Previews, Reviews, Screensavers, Galleria, Wallpapers, Profiles, Celebrity corner, Music Review, Southern Spice and Television exclusives. Get the most recent news in Indian film industry by clicking onto the Scoop/News section.


Find entertainment galore with the official site of oneindia. Its uniqueness lies in the comprehensive coverage of Indian cinema including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada film industry. It also focuses on Hollywood movies and interviews. Download trendy wallpapers, watch mind boggling trailers and check out top stories of the day and movie release dates. In case you are pondering over some movies, you can go through the critical acclamation segment. If you are more into theaters, pick your location and find the most thought-provoking stage performances.


One of the premier search engines unleashes an exhaustive documentation of Indian and Hollywood movies. Get all the featured updates pertaining to contemporary movies and television shows. Refer to Bollywood section to find the top news, interviews and gossip on movie stars and their performances. Do check out 'AT THE CANNES' article to get a feel of India's exposure to international arena.

indbazaar.com (www.indbazaar.com/movies/index.asp)

Seriously freak out with entertainment that matters. Browse through a mix bag of oldies as well as of contemporary movies buzzing in the air. Read film reviews and get to know the story of the week with this site. Do check out the web links on new movie websites. This site is also brimmed with a photo gallery of iconic film stars hailing from India as well as from the western countries. Refer to the links at the bottom of the page where you can even fancy yourself taking part in quizzing!


The name of the site very much eases up your task of expecting what to find here. There are loads of news to be found, of which movies sneak in prominently. Find some cheeky as well as serious kind of stuffs under 'Top Headlines' section placed at the right. Scroll down to explore more on Indian movie events, news, features and specials, previews, reviews and release dates. You are not going to feel stressed with loads information as every topic is distinctly hyperlinked. Go ahead and click on the link given below.

Be with www.bestindiansites.com to rub shoulders with the best in the business

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