Top 10 Multiplexes in Mumbai

Top 10 Multiplexes in Chennai
IMAX Adlabs, Anik Wadala Link Road PVR, Juhu
PVR, PhoenixINOX Nariman Point
Metro Big Cinemas, Dhobitalao Fun Republic, Andheri
Fame, Malad Fame Raghuleela
G7 Multiplex, Bandra INOX, Santacruz
R Adlabs Mulund West Cinemax Andheri
Fame Adlabs Oshiwara Andheri Link Road Big Cinemas
Movie TimeFun Cinemas Andheri, Mumbai
Cinemax Sion  
Mumbai is home to the Indian Film Industry, which means that this is the place where Bollywood movies are planned, designed and made. People related to the industry also stay here and so, movies are a really big deal in this city. Multiplexes, therefore, is a great innovation as this city has got some of the best movie watching addresses. Here are the top multiplexes in Mumbai, as per public opinion:

IMAX Adlabs, Anik Wadala Link Road

IMAX is one of the top multiplexes in Mumbai for its movie watching experience. The multiplex’s dome building structure is a landmark in the city attracting tourists from all over the world. It is also a sought after cinema theater to watch 3D movies and has a unique see-through projection room that allows a sneak peek into the process of movie showing.

PVR, Juhu (

PVR in the Dynamix Mall at Juhu is a sought after multiplex for the movie enthusiasts in Mumbai. It is a much visited cinema theater for movie and television celebrities, especially those living in and around the Juhu area. It also offers the best food choices (which includes Salt & Spices, Brownie Cottage and Baskin Robbins) compared to other multiplexes in the city.

PVR, Phoenix (

PVR Cinemas in Highstreet Phoenix at the Lower Parel area in Mumbai is famous for having the most comfortable seats than those in other multiplexes in the city. This multiplex is fairly new and features softer seats with better leg room, more food options and chance to shop at the adjoining Palladium Mall.

INOX Nariman Point (

INOX Cinemas at CR2 in the Nariman Point area is considered to be the best multiplex in South Bombay (Mumbai), popularly known an SoBo. It features 6 high quality screens, comfortable recliner seats, a variety of food options and one of the best sound systems in the city’s multiplexes.

Metro Big Cinemas, Dhobitalao (

Metro has a long history of attracting big names from the Indian film industry for its grandeur. Its well maintained heritage interiors (courtesy renovations between 2005 and 2008) are worth looking at for visitors. The multiplex has 6 screens, specially designed comfortable seats and luxurious rest rooms with LCS televisions. Metro Cinemas is also famous for the Ebony Lounge that has facilities for private movie screening, recliner seats and food with alcohol.

Fun Republic, Andheri (

Fun Republic is one of the best multiplexes in Mumbai and is situated in the Shah Industrial Estate. This popular hangout for families, colleagues and friends living or working in and around the Andheri West area has 4 screens showing Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The theater features latest movie projection and sound systems, comfortable seating and a friendly ambiance.

Fame, Malad (

This Fame multiplex in the Inorbit Mall in Malad West has 6 big screens and is spread across 55,000 sq ft., one of the largest in Mumbai. Its fully digital screening system and best quality movie watching facilities (like acoustics and seating for a total of 1571 viewers) attract movie lovers from in and around the area.

Fame Raghuleela (

Located at Kandivali West, Fame Cinemas in the Raghuleela Mega Mall is a popular multiplex in Mumbai. This 4 screen multiplex features surround sound system, big projection screens, and ergonomically created theater seating. Movie buffs enjoy the comfort and professionalism of this cinema theater in the city.

G7 Multiplex, Bandra

G7 is a collection 7 cinema theaters in the Bandra West area of Mumbai, namely Glamour, Grace, Gossip, Gem, Galaxy and Gaeity. This multiplex is unique for being frequented by the local crowd, who are considered to be the barometer for every newly released movie. Movie stars disguise themselves to watch the crowd here to ascertain how their movie has fared. The theater is well maintained and attracts people for its cheap tickets and delicious samosas.

INOX, Santacruz (

INOX cinemas at the 2nd floor of the Milan Mall at Santacruz (West) is a good multiplex in Mumbai. It is favored among the local residents for its comfortable seating, sound system, good quality popcorn and all of this at an affordable rate as compared to other multiplexes in the posh areas of the city.

R Adlabs Mulund West(

Cinemax Andheri (

Fame Adlabs Oshiwara Andheri Link Road(

Big Cinemas (

Movie Time(

Fun Cinemas Andheri, Mumbai(

Cinemax Sion (

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