Music Channels


If music is the food of love, then you will get a lot of it here. From rock n roll to classical, from hip hop to soft melodies, from peppy to romantic, you will find a song for every mood right here. Music channels have always looked forward to cater to the needs of the viewers and the music lovers and hence the variety that the viewers get. has found sites on music channels to educate the viewers on the leaders in the field.

Sony Mix

Sony Mix

Jive to the latest tunes and view the latest music albums all on this site. This site is a treat for all the music lovers. Come explore the galore of music that they have and experience ecstasy. Inform yourself about the forth coming releases and also listen to music online all here on this music channel.

Zing Tv

Zing Tv

Zing formerly known as Zee muzic has made a mark not just in the National market but in the International market as well. Facing cut throat competition from other music channels, this pro-channel has been successful in keeping pace with time and hence has given scope to its competitors for more competition. Like the image they have of being young and peppy, their site too appeals to the public in the same way. Importance is obviously given to music and to them music means all age and genre. Belong with them or feel left out. The choice is yours.

MTV India

Ask any youngster about the hip hop MTV and his face will brighten up, a sure sign of the popularity of the music channel. Well known for its modernism and being trend setters in the industry, MTV has made a place for itself that is almost impossible to budge. Being one of the much hyped over music channels, MTV is a born pro. They always have something new to offer and this makes them so interesting.



B4u caters to your need for good music, music from all spheres and music for all age groups. Encompassing the Hindi entertainment industry at large, B4u brings you music from all the beautiful movies the industry makes as well as the music album it creates. Take part in their contests from time to time and also offer your valuable opinion through their online opinion poll. There is a lot you can do in this site. For more exciting things visit the site.

ETC Channel


One of the leading music channels of India ETC was launched in 1999 and aims at 24×7 entertainment for the public. They also aim at providing the best contents for their viewers. Participate in their road shows and SMS services. Films and IndiPop music still remains the heart of the channel and constitutes majority of the programming. Find out more from the site. from this site.

Tara Tv

Tara Tv>

One of Bengal’s most popular music channels is Tara Muzik. Catering to East India’s melodious State of West Bengal, this channels brings forward the musical talents to all the viewers. If you are looking for what programs to watch, go through the site and find out from their schedule.