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You always fancied having an all-Indian Backstreet boys or Westlife or Boyzone, didn’t you? Well very frankly Indians aren’t lagging behind their foreign counterparts. The trend of grouping under one umbrella for music sake to perform like a unit on stage had been baptized some 5-6 years back in India. Still Band music is a relatively new form of music because its popularity has flourished in India in recent past. Its popularity is increasing very rapidly and this western culture is catching up really fast among the youths of India. You get to see band music in various languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and Marathi. These 10 site swill help you to gather information on the band music and its related issues.


Strings- one of the most popular Indian music band is based in London. Their music is catchy and hot favorites among millions of Indians. To know all about this renowned band of singers, log in this site. Update your knowledge on this band thoroughly by a click on this site.


Are you a lover of hard rock? Then “whitenoiz” band is sure to be on your favorite list. An authentic resource is here for you to know all about this band, their performances and photo gallery. Apart from all these, you get chat live with the members of the band. So what are you waiting for? Just click on this site and get going.


Band music has flourished and been accepted very rapidly in Indian culture. According to the present scenario, every state has its own set of music bands. To know and gather info on some of the popular bands of the big cities of India such as Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and other states, log in this site is a must. Enrich and update yourself to the present craze of band music.


Get to know from this site about some of the most popular music bands performing in India. You get thorough profile and list of their songs by logging in this site. If you have a band of your own or know of anyone having one, you can get that featured in this site.


Here's a site providing you the latest albums of Bengali band music. Check the one you want to and get the list of songs of that album. You can download and forward the songs to your friends through email. Go through the other Bengali songs also available in this site.


Explore this site for choice Bengali band music. Offering you the facility to select your favorite band and their album, this site provides you the full list of the songs present in that album of your choice. So, log in and experience the feel of your type of music from the wide collection of albums present here.


Bhoomi is the famous Bengali band renowned for their “music of earth”. With their show being staged in the UNO in 2006, they have added the feather of being the true flag-bearers of Bengali band music in the world. Know all you want to about this internationally recognized band of Bengal. Go through their songs, lyrics, albums and music.

bangla.it(www.bangla.it/b_band_mp3.asp )

This is a site providing you with a wide variety of Bengali band music to choose from. Log in this site and listen to the songs that you feel like. Apart from band music, if you want you can have other Bengali songs as well from this site.


Viva is a girl's music band that created high craze on the release of its first album. Get introduced with the members of this band with the help of this site. Know about their kind of music, style and new album to be released. Update yourself about the band “VIVA” from this site.

kashish.com(www.kashish.com )

Kashish is a music band that originated in 1996 with peppy pop numbers. Now it is a well known band performing in whole of India. Know about this band and their members from this site. You can contact them from this site with the help of email.

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