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India has a rich and composite folk music tradition due to the diversity of cultures present in here. Each region of India has its own distinctive style of folk music. These folk songs are inundated with rustic charm and appeal. There are various kinds of folk music in India like the Bhangra folk music from Punjab, Lavni School of folk music from Maharashtra, the Baul songs of Bengal and the Gujrati dandiya folk songs. These songs usually have poignant and simple lyrics which appeals to the masses. The tunes of these folk songs are also very earthy and heart wrenching. Folk music forms an integral part of Indian culture which is being threatened by film music or pop music. Indian folk music has to some extent also influenced Indian classical music which sometimes harbours strains of folksy tunes.


This site brings to you an elaborate discourse of Indian folk music. Folk music in India has a diverse characteristic because of the cultural diversity of India. You will also get information about the various school of folk music present in India. It tells you about the Bhangra music of Punjab, Dandiya of Gujrat, Lavni of Maharashtra, Veergase of western India and Garba of Gujrat. For folk music lovers this could be an extremely useful site.


This article gives you a glimpse of the simple and rustic beauty of Punjabi folk music. Punjabi folk music has a simple beat and rhythm .The quintessential spirit of the Punjabi folk songs not only rests in its lyrics but also in its catchy tunes. Punjabi folk songs are primarily vocal in nature but it is accompanied with traditional instruments. It reverberates with the spontaneity and gaiety of the people of Punjab. Dholak is a very popular musical instrument in Punjab and accompanies all the renditions of Punjabi folk songs.


Punjabi folk music with its charm and rustic grace has wooed the masses for ages. The mellifluous tunes portray the poignant emotions of the lives of the villagers. Gurmeet Bawa is a revered exponent o Punjabi folk music. She is a living legend of Punjabi folk songs whose delightful renditions of Punjabi folk songs still leave the audience spell bound. This article is elucidates the life and works of this revered folk artist.

iopb.res.in (www.iopb.res.in/~somen/lokgiti.htm )

Bengali folk songs have enchanted music lovers all over the world. These folk songs depict the simple lifestyle of rural Bengal. This site will make all the Bengali folk music buffs jubilant. This site possesses a huge archive of Bengali folk songs of “ lok-giti” These include all the different school of Bengali folk like Jhumur, baul , poikhiri, bhatiyali, laon and hason. This site has significantly contributed to the revival of Bengali folk music.

indianetzone.com (www.indianetzone.com/2/rajasthani_folk_music.htm)

This is a learned treatise on Rajasthani folk music. Rajasthani folk music has various streams and a myriad of flavours and this site touches upon all these branches of Rajasthani folk music. Maand is the most popular Rajasthani folk music which had developed in the royal courts of Rajasthan. Pihari is another version of Rajasthani folk which is mainly sung by women while Bhajans are folk songs which depict the divinity of Lord Krishna. Regale yourself with various details about Rajasthani folk music from this site.


This site provides you with an insight on the traditional folk songs and dances of Gujrat. The Charani folk songs, Duha, chhand songs form an integral part of Gujrati folk music culture. There are specific songs in Gujrati folk world which are meant for a morning recitals while the others are best sung in the evening time and there are songs which are specifically sung on joyous occasions like wedding or childbirth. Gujrati folk songs also include some mourning songs which are death time songs.


This site delves deep into the mesmerizing world of Indian folk music. India cultural diversity has yielded a rich variety of folk styles where each region has its own distinctive variety of folk songs. Tribal and folk music of India is not institutionalized like Indian classical music. Music in the villages is almost a natural learning process which almost seeps in into every individual. Folk music can be a popular medium of education also. For example sensitive issues like family planning and sex education are traditionally taught in Andhra Pradesh through folk songs.

bihar.org.in (www.bihar.org.in/tourism/)

This site eulogizes the beautiful and traditional folk songs of Bihar. These songs are mainly sung to commemorate important family occasions like marriage, birth ceremonies and religious festivals etc. There are specific songs for the festival of Holi which are known as “Phagua”. These songs are very rhythmic and are sung accompanied by traditional instruments such as Dholaks and sometimes tabla.

cic.nic.in (www.cic.nic.in/cicwebpages/Assam/agomani/folksinger.html)

This site provides you with information about the prominent folk singers of Assam. Assam like the other states of India also has a magnificent tradition of folk music which has been enhanced by these talented exponents of Assamese folk. If you are interested in Assamese folk songs and singers this could be just the site for you.

beatofindia.com (www.beatofindia.com/region/bhojpuri_awadhi.htm )

This site is a power house of information on the folk songs from the different regions of India. You can visit this site which provides you links to the various regional folk songs of India. It also provides you with a list of prominent folk artists in the respective fields and enlists the most popular songs sung by them. So visit this site immerse yourself in the wonder world of Indian folk music. This particular link of this site will provide you with a huge repertoire of Bhojpuri songs which are hugely popular in U.P. and Bihar.

Experience the heady rhythm and beat of Indian folk music with the help of this page which brings to you a huge repertoire of information on Indian folk music.

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