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Indian Classical Music

Indian classical music is an important part of Indian culture. There are two types of Classical Indian music. One type is the Hindustani music and the other type is the Carnatic music. The oldest scripture is Vedas in which the mention of Indian classical music is found. The classical Indian music is considered as one of the oldest forms of traditional music. Does classical music interest you? Do you want to get a panoptic view of the closely walled musical extravaganza? Throng in here to get your basics rights about the origin of Indian classical music, a dissection of the two genres of classical music and their varied flavours.


The origin of Indian Classical Music is described here at length. Veda, which is India's oldest scriptures, contains articles on Indian Classical music and its origin. Here it is described as a tool for meditation to attain self- realization. The two divisions of Indian classical music namely Hindustani and Carnatic music are also explained with examples of musical instruments that are typically used in each type of music. This site is ideal for a better understanding of Indian classical music.


This site introduces you to the basics of Indian classical music and then elaborates on two different types of classical music with musical notations. Hindustani and Carnatic are two types of classical music with two distinct, traditional roots in antiquity. It compares Indian Classical music with Western music and the similarities and differences are shown with the example of musical notation. The article also talks about Indian Ragas. This site also includes a link to Kumar Gandharva home page, an eminent name in the world of Indian classical music. Apart from that you will also find a collection of links to interesting pages on Indian Classical music.

Indian Melody(www.indianmelody.com/musicintro1.htm)

Compiled by Harsha Chakrabarti, this site introduces you to the Indian Classical music. The essay in this site discusses the historical origin of Indian classical music. Unlike other sites it speaks on Indian folk music as a part of the Indian classical music which existed here before the arrival of the Aryans. Folk music existed here as a part of the Dravidian rituals, where these folk music were sung. The long narrative covers several other topics related to Indian classical music. The topic list includes Shruti and Saptaka which are the Indian classical music scale; Indian raga which is the soul of classical music; vocal music and different types of singing; Tala- rhythmical groupings of beats and a glossary of Indian classical music. This site will be immensely helpful for those who want to know more about the Indian classical music.

Web India123(www.webindia123.com/music/music1.htm)

Indian classical music is an important part of Indian art and culture. An overview on the Indian classical music is presented here and you get touch up on various aspect of it. After a brief history of Indian classical music, it delineates on 'Tala' which is the pulse Indian music, and the 'Raga', which is the structure of melody. At the end of the article it focuses on the two different kinds of Indian classical music which were developed as a result of two different cultures of north and south India. If you like Indian music or willing to learn various aspects of it, then visit this site.


This website particularly focuses on Carnatic music which is the classical music of Southern India. Carnatic music is considered as one of the world's oldest and richest musical traditions. Music provides the greatest comfort in life. Indian life can hardly be imagined without music. Indian music is fortunate enough to retain the classical base of Indian music. This site provides the best reference for Carnatic or South Indian music. You have links to topics like lyrics, composer, raga, talaam etc. relevant to Carnatic music. In addition to that it includes some rarely asked questions on Carnatic music. Visit this site if you have a knack towards Carnatic music. You might get to know various aspects which you might not have known before.


Indians feel proud of their rich heritage of Indian classical music. This site deals with the evolution of Indian music with an emphasis on the Hindustani or North Indian classical music. The instrumental accompaniments along with the Hindustani gharana raga are also included in the discussion. It traces the musical history of the Hindustani classical and explains how this sect of Indian classical music has evolved through different phases of complex interactions between people of different races and cultures over several thousand years and has built the basis of Hindustani gharana.

Koel Music(www.koelmusic.com/)

This is the home page of the music company Music Plus. It is established when the CDs were not available in India. It is the owner of the Koel Music record label and has collections of 80 recordings of Carnatic classical vocal and instrumental music in its repertoire. This collection of Indian classical music is sold online. If you are passionate about Indian classical music, then browse through this site. It has to offer a large collection of Indian classical music. You can view the name of the cassettes, the product description, and its price. You can view the entire range of collection and order online.

Art India(artindia.net/hindustani.htm)

This is a good site that deals with various aspects of Hindustani classical music. Hindustani music is discussed here at length. Different instruments of Hindustani classical music are also discussed here. A different section of Carnatic music dpicts topic like vocal, veena, flute, violine, Mridanggam or Ghatam, Kanjiror Morsunkh and others. Visiting this site will definitely increase your knowledge on Indian classical music.

India Line(www.indialine.com/travel/knowindia/music.htm)

Indian classical music is the soul of the Indian heritage and culture. Indians are proud to retain this rich heritage of Indian classical music even today. Indian classical music helps to build a good vocal foundation if you want to make musical career. Here is one site that narrates an elaborate article on Indian classical music. And it also helps you to obtain knowledge on this topic.

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