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Music being an integral part of the culture of India, artists have had great importance. Indian cinema contributes to a large part of the entertainment industry. Playback artists are an important entity in the film fraternity. Rendering a song to its full is the job of playback artists. Emoting feelings in their voice playback artists have brought out the feel of the film. You cannot ignore the tone of a song when you are trying to emote certain feelings. Hence, playback artists play a very important role here. www.bestindiansites.com has found sites on playback artists only for you.


Playback artist Atif Aslam is the new craze now. With his ‘Doorie’ he has melted hearts and constructed a long road to travel. This playback artist has created a permanent impression in the hearts of the listeners with his famous ‘Who Lamhe’, ‘Tere Bin’, ‘Adat’ and now ‘Doorie’. You cannot avoid his strong presence or ignore him as a playback artist. Read this article on the new music sensation and find out more about him.


Read this article on the Indian legendary playback artist of all times. There is so much you already know about her and there is so much you are never tired of listening about her. Read this article and know a lot about this legendary playback artist. She has already enchanted you with the tremendous melody in her voice. Now, she stands as a mark of excellence in the field of playback singing. You have cherished her songs and she has given you one for every mood. Go through the article in this site and learn more.


You all know playback artist Chithra. She is all the more famous for her ‘Roja’ fame. Read all about her entry in to the playback singing industry. Her endeavours as a talented singer in many of A.R.Rahman’s compositions have taken her voice all across India. Today we know her as having the chirpy voice of India. The site will tell you more about her. Read on.


Surely you have danced to the tunes of this famous playback artist. You have heard him playback for King Khan most of the times. You have heard him cut music videos and entertain you with different numbers. Read this article to see how it is to talk to famous playback artist Abhijeet. Go through the interview and find out his take on various questions. This interview reveals a lot about Abhijeet as a playback artist, how he has struggled to be in the industry and how he was discovered. Visit the site and learn more abut him. Take a look now.


Two legends born in the same family are veteran singers Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle. Playful love songs or lusty cabaret numbers, soulful ghazals or funky pop, this playback artist’s trod everywhere with aplomb. Time has not touched her voice. This is so visible from her works. Read all about her giant leap to success, her favourite singers, awards she has won, her list of songs, picture gallery and so on. She has a voice for every artist and every mood. All you Asha fans come here for all your information.


He is a music director, he is a veteran in back ground sound and he is also an expert in playback singing. Yes, he is A.R.Rahman. Take a look at his achievements in all these three fields mentioned here. You have enjoyed his enchanting music every time. Now go through the site and find out more about him.


The sweet melodious voice of Alka Yagnik has touched souls. You have known her from a very long time. With her kind of popularity, sustenance and growth in stature, she has climbed up the ladder of success as a playback artist. Her recognition as a playback artist began with Rajesh Roshan’s ‘Hamari Bahu Alka’. Music lovers have loved her songs and have always wanted more. Read on to know more about this highly talented playback artist.


Yodeling with Kishore Kumar and keeping spirits high go hand in hand. The legend in the music industry has always been awe inspiring. Even after his death his songs are as famous and sought after. You can talk about him and never exhaust resources. Visit the site dedicated to this legendary name in playback singing, music directing, producing, and acting all in one. Take a look at the prestigious awards won by him. You can also download his wallpapers. Click on the link above to know more.


If you speak of contributions to the world of music an inevitable name is R.D.Burman. Popularly known as Pancham da in the film fraternity, he has had massive contributions to Indian cinema. His tunes and singing have been a class apart. He has given music for a number of non film albums, Bengali songs, Hindi film songs and many more. Take a look at the site of this legendary playback artist and find out more.


Who does not know Md. Rafi? A veteran in Hindustani Classical music, he has been renowned as a playback artist. With over 26,000 super hit songs in his list, he has touched every heart. He was only 20 when he started his career. The tender age has had tremendous effects on his career. Visit the site and learn about his achievements. Take a look at his most popular songs. Click on the link above to view more.

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