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Do you freak out on pop numbers? Are Indi Pop chartbusters your take? If you really drool on these feet tapping heavy orchestrated music, your decision to come here is just the right choice. Pop music is relatively new in India. This western pop culture has triggered off a new craze among the young generation. Rapidly growing in demand, pop music is nowadays frequently used in Indian film industry. Due to high demand, many singers are taking up only pop music as their profession. Singers like Daler Mehendi, Shweta Shetty, Sonu Nigam, Shaan and Sagarika are some of the most popular pop music singers of India. These 10 sites will help you know more about pop music.

india-news.in (www.india-news.in/entertainment/india-pop-music.php)

India is a country of music lovers. From classical to latest pop hits, people of India enjoy them all. Pop music has swept the ground off the feet among the music crazy masses of India. Discos and nightclubs have made a fortune with the advent of this popular pop culture. Know the history of pop music and its significance by a click on this site. Update your knowledge on pop music with India-news.

shopping.indiatimes.com (shopping.indiatimes.com/ism/faces/tiles/category.jsp?categoryID=110035&parentCategoryID=110006&catalogueID=20375412)

This site is one of the best sites if you wish to buy cassettes and CDs of pop music. Providing you with a wide range of choice in pop music, this site is handy and exhaustive. You get to choose by the artist's name or by the album name. Not only pop music, this site also has a good collection of other music.

indian-music.com (www.indian-music.com/popstars/)

Pop music is the latest craze and addition in Indian music versatility. Rapidly growing in demand both in national and international market, a lot of artists are taking up pop music as profession. Log in this site and get introduced with the Indian artists performing in pop music.


Reaching out to masses through electronic media and concerts, pop music has caught the pulse of younger generation by their rocking foot tapping numbers. Enrich and update your ideas about this music and the performing artists of pop music through this site.

funmaza.com (www.funmaza.com/indian_pop_music.html)

Get thorough information on the Indian pop songs and their artists from this site. You can download the pop songs of your choice from this site. Pick your favourite singer and the number that you would die to listen and have it in your personal list. So, have a head start and ramble up the wide collection of this site.

anuragjain.com (www.anuragjain.com/indianmusic.html)

Does the names of artists such as Sameera, Strings, Dr. Bombay interest you? Want to know about the indi pop songs of the foreign Indian singers? Click and log in this site and get full info on these artists and their type of pop music. Log in and let the music play your pally.


Today's Bollywood music very frequently uses the pop music style to attract its listeners. Indian film industry boasts of some very good pop music artists. From them five best artists has been listed in this site. Know about these artists and their music by going through this site.


For fabulous collection of Indian pop music CDs and cassettes, log in this site. If you don't get the album of your choice displayed in the site, contact the company. You can order through phone number provided in this site or e-mail the company for your needed pop music album. And rest assured to have them under your fingertips.


Daler Mehendi is considered as the “pop bhangra king” of India. This singer has made a special style for himself with the peppy beats and his power pitched soulful voice. His latest number “rang de basanti” has touched the hearts of millions of Indians. Know about this versatile singer of pop music world by a click on this site.


Indi pop music is relatively new in India. But this western pop culture has triggered off a new trend in this country and has taken the whole country for a ride. Know about the indi pop culture of India by logging in this site.

Refer www.bestindiansites.com for more searches.