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Punjabi music

Punjabi music has achieved a predominant position in the field of Indian music. Simple wordings and high energy level of contemporary Punjabi music have made it popular among the current generation. Punjabi songs are so versatile and vibrant that it appeals to any man even who does not understand the language. Punjabi people believe in living life to the fullest and this philosophy of their life is reflected through their songs. Many Punjabi singers have gained popularity and prominence in the national and international level. Punjabi modern songs, Punjabi folk songs, Punjabi Bhangra, pop songs are some of the type of Punjabi music. The following list of sites will guide you to various aspects of Punjabi music, Punjabi singers and sites from where you can download Punjabi music.


All the desi music lovers visit this site. You will surely like this site. It contains a huge collection of different Punjabi songs. Check out different types of Punjabi songs like latest Punjabi songs sung by Surjit Brindakhiya, Jazzy B, Gursewak Mann and Hans Raj Hans. Here you have section where you can hear the songs of the emerging singers. There are two different sections of Punjabi songs, one is the songs from the Indian singers, and one is from the Pakistani singers. In the section of Indian singers you have singers like Jagjit Sing, Daler Mehendi, Mika, Hans Raj Hans to name a few. If you love Punjabi songs then visit this to listen to the wide range of Punjabi music.


Listen to your favourite Punjabi songs from this site. Punjabi songs have gained a predominant position in the Indian music scenario in the past few years. These days, Punjabi songs have hit the radio, music channels, night clubs etc and rocked the crowd. Punjabi songs have gained popularity because of their catchy tunes. From this site you can download a variety of Punjabi songs. This long list includes songs of solo singers like Gurdas Man, Bhinda Jatt, Jagmohon Kaur; Punjabi remixes like Immortal bhangra, Dhol ' and Mix etc.; band music like Saafari Boys, Stereo nation etc.


Punjabi music is full of life. If you want to get a taste of Punjabi music, visit this site. It contains such a long list of different types of Punjabi songs that you won't be disappointed for sure. Here, you can listen to live Punjabi radio, folk songs of Punjab, popular songs of Dhol Bhangra, and Punjabi songs from India and Pakistan. It enlists the names of the Punjabi singers along with their songs. The list includes singers like Jazzy B, Hans Raj Hans, Didar Sandhu, Daler Mehendi, Manmohon Waris, Gurdas Man, Sardool Sikandar, Surjit Khan, Harbhaian Mann, Chamkila & Surinder Sonia, etc to name a few.


Learn about the folk songs of Punjab. A long narrative here discusses the characteristics of Punjabi folk songs, theme of songs etc. Different types of Punjabi songs depict different subjects like religion, rituals, ceremonies, love etc. There are different types of Punjabi songs like Mahiya, Boli, dhola and so on. Different Punjabi songs are sung in different tunes but the tempo is invariably slow. Various aspects of Punjabi songs are discovered and presented to the reader through the course of discussion.


The author gives you an account on the characteristics of Punjabi folk songs in this site. Punjabi folk songs reflect the exuberance and vitality of the people of Punjab. The Punjabi songs depicts subject from the simple things of life. The mellifluous rhythm, simple subject, and drum beat comprises the Punjabi folk songs which easily charm the common man. If you feel interested in Punjabi folk songs, then come to this site to read the full article.


Punjabi music has suddenly emerged in the Indian music industry and gained a prominent place in the current Bollywood Movie songs. Punjabi words, Punjabi music are often heard in Hindi movie songs these days. It happened after one talented Punjabi singer made his debut and appeared in the music world of India. His name is Daler Mehendi. In this site you will find all aspects of his biography, music albums, fan clubs and photo gallery. If you are an ardent fan of Daler Mehendi and want to find out more about him and about his songs then please visit this site.


Punjabi music has become very popular in the past few years. Punjabi music appeals to the common man because Punjabi songs are so colorful and varied. Laughter, pain, happiness comprises the Punjabi songs and that is why it charms any man even who does not understand the Punjabi language. Latest music videos of popular singers like Jazzy B & Ravi Bal, Dalvider Singh are available here. There are different sections here of entertainment news of the Punjabi music world, latest music and video releases, forums that deals with music related topics and events.


Get a review on the best of Punjabi music that was celebrated on the event of 50 years of India’s independence. HMV came out with the compilation of the best Punjabi music of the last 50 years. In this grand event, the music company released 60 popular Punjabi songs of the last 50 years. The review contains detail description on the music volumes about which volume contains what types of songs. If you want read the review about the 5 set volumes of audio cassettes, browse through this site.


The online edition of 'The Hindu' publishes a news report on a performance of Sukhbinder in the Twin cities. Sukhbinder is a pioneer in the Punjabi bhangra pop music. Feel good composition and high energy characterize his music album. His pop bhangra has a universal appeal and evidently reflects western influences. This article reveals characteristics of his music, lyrics, influences and a brief but apt biography of this talented singer of Punjabi origin.


ETC channel has launched Punjabi Music awards since past two years to celebrate the excellence of Punjabi music. Punjabi Music award is one of the most coveted music awards in Punjab and is considered as equivalent to Grammy awards. This award ceremony has brought together the best musical stars of Punjabi music Industry and it provides them with the biggest platform. Read the full review of the ETC sponsored Punjabi Music Award with detail description from this website.

Discover various aspects of Punjabi Music and download Punjabi music from the above list of sites.

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