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Forest and Wild life

The forests of India are ancient in nature and composition. Indian people need to have more wildlife education. They are rich in variety and shelter a wide range of flora and fauna and insects. The fact they have existed from time immemorial is substantiated from the ancient texts all of which have some mention of the forests.
The people venerated forests and a large number of religious ceremonies centered on trees and plants. Even today in parts of India the sacred forests exist and are worshiped. The wildlife in India is equally diverse and rich. From big animals like elephants and tiger and deers and bisons to small reptiles the Indian forests are teeming with life force. But unfortunately most Indians don't understand the importance of this rich wealth of forest and wildlife India has. Felling of tress and illegal poaching of animals are fast depleting the forest and wild life wealth of India. So efforts must be taken to stop these malpractices and conserve the forest and wild life of India. Top 10 websites giving information on Indian forest and wildlife are listed below:


India has a rich forest wealth and traditionally also trees and forest have been venerated in India. This is a site which enlists all the major reserved forests and national parks of India. It also tells about the varied wild life which inhabits in these forests. The best time for visiting these forest lands are also mentioned in this site. So if you want an enthralling tour in one of the national parks or reserved forests of India do visit this site.


If you want to glean information about rich population of wild life in India this would be a gem of a site for you. All the important species of Indian wild life are elaborated upon on this site. Indian natural vegetation and wildlife is unique in its richness and diversity. More than 350 species of mammals inhabit India. All you wild life enthusiasts if you want the latest information about the wild life population of India and the different varieties of wild life found in the different states of India just log into this site.


India has a rich forest wealth and this forest wealth is indispensable for conserving endangered species of Indian wild life like the Bengal tiger, Asiatic elephants, snow leopard and Siberian crane. India has such a rich diversity of wild life that there are great opportunities of wild life tourism industry growing in India. This site delves on the various nuances of Indian wild life and investigates its future opportunities and the necessary actions that should be taken to preserve this immense wealth of wildlife.


All you Indian wild life aficionados can now be jubilant for this site which is the official site of the wild life trust of India will now bring you regular news bulletin informing you about the various wild life species of India and the efforts that are being undertaken to conserve them. Even those who are into conservation of forest can also find some great information on the diverse and magnificent forest wealth of India for example a great and sincere article on the dying mangrove forests of Kerala has been posted in this site.


This is an erudite discourse on the various forest and wildlife statistics of India. Various quintessential aspects of Indian forest and wild life have been elucidated upon in this site which contains some well written and informative articles on the above mentioned topics. Indian wildlife population and their growth since the post independence period have been delved into chronologically. There are highly relevant topics like the relevance of the Indian forestry sector to GDP are also to be found here.


If you are a environmentally conscious person who would want to be more informed about the great forest wealth of India and would like to actively participate in preserving that wealth then this is the perfect site for you. As per the latest state of forests report of the Forest Survey of India the actual forest cover of India is 19.27% of the geographic area, corresponding to 63.3 million hectors. Find myriads of such information on the forests of India from this site.


If you are interested in wild life tour in India then you must know about the various reserved forest and national parks of India where you can find a rich harvest of wildlife. This site furnishes you with pertinent details about the national parks of India among which the Bandavgarh Tiger Reserve, Corbett Tiger Reserve, Black buck National park are pretty well known among the wild life enthusiasts of India. Glean information about these amazing parks and the wild life population in them from this site. You can also book your tour of these parks form this site too.


This site delineates authentic information about Indian forests. It touches upon the rich flora and fauna of India and tell us how forest have always been venerated in India. There are still many a sacred groves in India. It also underscores the importance of forest conservation. But this link mainly elaborates on the only rain forest in India which is in Arunachal Pradesh. It tells you about the intrinsic characteristics of this rain forest.


This is an extremely useful site for all wannabe wild life conservationists of India. All the latest news and information about Indian wild life conservation and the momentous events taking place in the arena of Indian wild life conservation are all enumerated here. It has some great articles which are highly relevant in the present social scenario of India for example there is a pertinent article on the measures taken by the forest department of India to reduce man animal conflict. There are some erudite articles on the genetic analysis of Indian Asiatic elephants too.


This site depicts some basic but relevant information about Indian wild life. Apart from enlisting the various national parts and reserve forest of India it then faithfully delineates information about the common birds and animals found in these Indian forests. You can know about these commonly found birds and animals of Indian forests, their habitat, their eating habit etc from this useful site.

Give a boost to forest and wild life conservation in India with this web page where you can get all the pertinent information about forests and wild life of India.

If your thirst for more information has not been slaked yet please visit www.bestindiansites.com for a fruitful web experience.

Last Updated: 17-01-2013

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