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Global Warming

The planet has been undergoing changes since a long time now. Many of the changes have been caused by global warming. Global will bring along a huge change across the globe and in its atmosphere. Global warming is affecting not only nature but also the lives and homes of millions of people. The changes can be easily seen from the highest mountains to deep in the oceans. Global warming has already affected the world. We know that polar bears are now among the endangered species, the ski seasons have shortened and more intense storms are being created. Those who live near the ocean shore and those places that are drought affected will suffer the most. Unless we control our use of fossil fuel and other sources of heat trapping gases global warming will continue to affect all of us. There is much we can do to reduce global warming. We only have to become conscious and star with our efforts. www.bestindiansites.com has churned out websites for you where you can read articles and reviews on global warming. This way you too will be aware of the situation in the world and the impending danger it is facing. Take a look.


Global warming is taking its toll on human lives very soon. There has already been news of it affecting the growth of Shisham timber. There has been news of depletion of the timber. Reports say that nearly 8 to 10 lakh trees have so far dried causing a loss of 800 – 1000 crore in India alone. Scientists have found out the root cause of the depletion of the Shisham timber. They say it is due to the growth of a soil born fungus called Fusarium Solani which afflicts the trunk of the tree which is why it does not recoup. Shisham being one of the most important timber species in India, it is affecting the economy of the country too. Take a look at this article to know more.


India has earned ill reputation for being one of the world’s top polluters. The US President George Bush, has proposed to cut a deal amongst the top emitters in an ordeal to combat climate. The US President called on 15 influential countries led by United States, China, Russia and India, to agree by the end of 2008 on a long term goal to cut greenhouse gas emission. The leaders have proposed to work in partnership in this process to cut emissions. However, they have not agreed to accept equal responsibility. Read on the complete article to find out what strategy is being taken to stop global warming. Click on this link to get the full story on this meeting of the leaders regarding global warming.

Hindustantimes.com: (www.hindustantimes.com/storypage/storypage.aspx?id=f205ca08-1b64-48a8-b325-0312e79f580c&ParentID=5ee9cbbf-6114-42d9-92c6-0f9fdeeca182&MatchID1=4469&TeamID1=2&TeamID2=4&MatchType1=1&SeriesID1=1110&PrimaryID=4469&Headline=Lok+sabha+discusses+global+warming)

Global warming has evoked serious discussions amongst all. People all across are dreading the consequences of global warming. In India the situation is such that this matter has been taken up in the Parliament. The Lok Sabha is known to have held special discussions on global warming. All members have expressed their apprehensions about the hazardous fallout of global warming on India. They have also suggested various ways to combat this phenomenon effectively. This section of the Hindustan Times brings out the concern of India regarding global warming. All those who need to be involved with the process are known to have expressed their opinion in the matter. Take a look at the site and find out fro your self how this serious issue is affecting everyone.


A survey has revealed that Indians are more worried about global warming than any other nationality. Emerging economies like India and China have often been accused of resisting the need to tackle climate change. A survey conducted said that the people in these two countries were more worried about the change in climate than any other country. The survey also revealed that almost 90% of those surveyed thought that the government should do more to tackle the issue of global warming. Visit this site and go through the article to enlighten yourself more on global warming. Find out how this is affecting the people of the world. Global warming has already taken a toll on the lives of individuals. Read the article to enlighten yourself more.

Dnaindia.com: (www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?NewsID=1101257)

Effects of global warming can be felt in Mumbai. This cool city by the sea has reportedly become warmer in the last two years. The level of sea water has also risen showing clear indications of the effects of global warming. Untreated toxic wastes from the industrial sectors have been accused to contribute greatly to global warming. The government is being requested to urge these industries to treat the toxic wastes before dumping them. It is also suggested that the government should encourage optimum utilization of vehicles to avoid unnecessary consumption of fuel. DNA India has put forth the voice of India regarding global warming. People all across the country feel that trees should be preserved, especially the mangrove. Take a look at this section of this daily news portal and find out what the Indians think of global warming. Take a look now.


The Montreal Protocol is known to be healing the ozone hole while doing better than the Kyoto Protocol in slowing down global warming. The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty in order to protect the 6 mile high ozone layer in the stratosphere. This protocol seeks to phase out the production and use of nearly 100 Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) like halons, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) commonly used in refrigeration, air conditioners, fire fighting equipment and agriculture. India is on track with its ODS phase out plans and in compliance with the Montreal Protocol. Take a look at this article and find out more from the site.

Cities.expressindia.com: (cities.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=191806)

Former scientific advisor to the Prime Minister and eminent scientist Vasant Gowarikar feels that global warming has not affected the Indian climate. Pointing out at the highest rainfall recorder he had said that if climatic change has taken place then there should also be a change in the amount of rainfall. In this article you will find India not as one of the countries who have contributed to global warming. Read on to know more.

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