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Natural Heritage

While heritage primarily refers to a property or title adopted from ancestors or to an immaterial possession which has been passed on as a legacy to the next generations, natural heritage denotes the original environment that is archetypal of a country. Many established social or communal practices form a part of natural heritage as well.
Indian civilization being one of the oldest in the world is endowed with rich leftovers from the vibrant past. Every aspect of Indian culture including art, literature, painting, sculpture, architecture and so on has a substantial historical foundation. These historical foundations can be termed as natural heritage. Not just cultural aspects, the natural heritage of India also incorporates of indigenous characteristics of her people, species, geographical and ecological constituents, etc. Places of natural interest are everywhere throughout the length and breadth of India. Tourists from all around the globe turn up enthusiastically to witness some of the wonderful heritage sites India has in store for her admirers. Most of these heritage sites in India are maintained by concerned central government authorities. Unravel an enigmatic India with www.bestindiansites.com Find the topmost Indian websites on Indian natural heritage, natural heritage museum, natural heritage and endangered species and so on. The sites enumerated below will prove to be a learning experience for you in your quest to explore Indian heritage.


This web portal hosted by the Archaeological Survey of India will take you along a virtual tour of the heritage sites in India as well as in other countries. As per the resolution of the General Conference of UNESCO in 1972, cultural and natural heritage sites and monuments have singled out and preserved with due respect to the everlasting qualities and universal appeal attached to these heritage sites. Browse through the web portal to acquire in-depth knowledge of the 22 cultural and 5 natural heritage sites in India.


Find a comprehensive listing of the Indian heritage sites. You can find some of the majestic places such as the Taj Mahal, Ajanta Caves, Agra Fort, Kaziranga National Park, Khajuraho Group of Monuments, Fatehpur Sikri, Elephanta Caves, Konarak Sun Temple, group of Monuments at Hampi, Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Sanchi Stupas, Sunderbans National Park and many other places of natural interest. Clicking on the respective link will redirect you to the corresponding page containing detailed information. Also get to know about the major heritage sites around the world.


Srishti, which literally means 'Creation', is the pioneering nature magazine in Asia. They work exclusively for the cause of nature preservation. Their nature journals lay a tremendous importance on the quintessential features of natural heritage and environmental doctrines. The serene greenish look of their official web portal will give you an idea about how much they do care for nature. Take a look at the following link.


The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training brings out a number of publications pertaining to natural resources, environmental education, teaching, art and culture, cultural and natural heritage and so on. Their publications include handbooks, workbooks, guidebooks, monographs, children's learning resources, posters, folios, cultural packages covering performing arts, architecture and sculptor, art and craft, national integrity, environment, etc., reports, catalogs, books, booklets and news bulletin or journals.


Know about the provisional nominations of Indian natural heritage sites to the UNESCO's World Heritage Convention. The project has been shouldered by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India. Glean through the potential outreach of the program as well as the rules and regulations of submission. Click on the Annexure tabs to read up further details.


Know about the idea of value tourism with respect to heritage sites. Tourism is not just about deriving pleasure out of a carefree traveling but also availing of the opportunities of mingling with diverse cultural aspects of a nation, especially one like India. Read up this article penned down by Shobita Punja to get an overview of sustainable tourism, its objectives, nature and long-term benefits. Click on the link given below to obtain extensive information.


If Medical Heritage sounds foreign to your unaccustomed ears, you have got to peep into this web portal hosted by the Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions. This website showcases FRLHT's vision, objectives, schedules and notable accomplishments. Swot up more details by visiting the site.


The issues revolving around preservation of natural heritage and endangered species are showcased here with special emphasis on Blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra). This phenomenal species is the only representative of Indian Antelopes. This beautiful creature is now on the verge of extinction. Get to know the immediate threats Blackbucks are confronted with and how to protect them. Also acquire crystal clear knowledge of what endangered species are and the reason behind conserving them.

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