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Natural Resources

Natural resources refer to the untamed natural essence of the environment. They contain a significant amount of material as well as aesthetic values. Natural resources can be categorized into renewable, flow and non-renewable sources. While renewable natural resources primarily involve living sources such as forests, fish, reindeer, coffee, etc. and non-living sources like water and soil. The basic characteristic of renewable resources is that they are sustainable if used with sense and discretion. Thus it is very important to draw the lines between how much to be used and how much to be left in order to give nature the time and chance to reproduce the used-up resources. Flow resources consist of wind, tide and sunlight. The preservation of natural resources is of paramount importance not just for the sake of the production of commodities, but more so because of maintaining ecological balance and environmental reasons. Due to its geographical location, India is bestowed with rich natural resources arraying from dense stretches forestry to a number of water bodies. If you harbor enough interest to learn about various aspects of Indian natural resources, do your online research with

Learn about the emerging agricultural technologies based on the sustainability and conformity of natural resources. Get to know what the chief renewable resources are with respect to agriculture. The article you are going to find in this web portal will also let you know about the necessity of conserving renewable natural resources. Read up the article to explore more.

Want to have the detailed list of natural resource regulations and acts? This website hosted by the University of Denver focuses on the Indian scenario. Find a number of fields including environment, gas and oil, forestry, energy, mining, etc. You will have a plethora of links on various policies and legal acts pertaining to individual categories. Also check out country-specific aspects of natural resources.

Khoj comes up with a colossal virtual directory of natural resources. Glean through the websites to find topics such as water resources, Natural Resource Management, Natural Resources Data Management System and Natural Resources India Foundation. Find sites on state-specific information on natural resources as well. Click on the following link to explore furthermore.

The visitors who are not able to find enough information on this page but have their own sources of information on this particular topic may kindly write to:

If your thirst for more information has not been slaked yet please visit for a fruitful web experience. Water resources (

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