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Soil erosion and conservation

Soil erosion affects farming in detrimental ways. Physical damage is the most visible form of soil loss, and most likely to be remedied. Gravity pulls constantly at soil, nudging it down hill, causing soil slips, earth clips, cracks, creep and slumps. Ironically, the most damaging of rainfall is the impact with which water droplets hit the soil. From there on, the flow of water causes sheet-wash, rilling, surface gullying, tunneling and in rivers it scours banks. In dry climates, wind blow is the main cause of erosion. Soil Conservation is a set of methods and procedures which are adopted for prevention of soil being eroded from the earth’s surface or becoming chemically altered by overuse or salinization or acidification. The main methodology of soil conservation are improvement of the choice of vegetative cover, soil erosion prevention, salinity management, to augment the health of beneficial soil organisms and stopping of soil contamination. Soil conservation if of utmost importance for a country like India which is mainly has an agricultural economy. A large part of India’s population depends on the soil for their livelihood and hence soil erosion and the measures of soil conservation taken up to prevent Soil erosion are of key concern for the Indian government.


This is an erudite article which gives you a blow by blow description of the soil conservation efforts being taken up in India. Soil conservation doesn't merely mean prevention methods taken up to stop soil erosion but includes a lot of other constructive procedures too. These procedures include the correct method of crop rotation, right kind of drainage, correction of soil defects, use of good manure etc. This is an article where you will also find elaborate information on the different key factors which lead to erosion of soil in India and the ways to minimize these factors of soil erosion are also harped on here.


This site tries to evaluate the issues of soil and water conservation from the point of view of the agricultural community of India whose fates are intimately related with the quality of soil and water resource in India. It gives us authentic details that severe soil erosion are caused in the humid and sub humid regions due to high rainfall and improper water and land management. It underscores the various measures that can be taken up to boost up the process of soil erosion in India.


Soil or land provides us with crops, fuel, fodder and shelter. However judicious use of soil resources of India has led to large scale soil erosion and the soil resource of India is on the verge of getting depleted. However there is a growing consciousness among Indians nowadays about conservation of their vast soil wealth. To know more detailed information about soil erosion and conservation in India all you have to do is to log into this site. This is a site which would regale you with authentic information about soil conservation efforts being undertaken in India.


Soil erosion lead to degradation of soils’ physical property and loss of plant nutrients. Hence proper care should be taken to ensure soil conservation. Soil erosion if left unchecked leads to the formation of gullies and ravines and can reduce the fertility of the soil .This is a site which regales you with details about the various method like plantation of coffee and Sisal trees, Land bunding and gully management which are being encouraged to captivate the rapid soil erosion taking place in India.


Damodar Valley Corporation is one of the leading water resource conservation institutes of India but now its presence is also being felt very much in the arena of soil conservation. This is site where you can find blow by blow description of the various steps and measures being taken up in the Damodar valley to ensure the optimum utilization of soil resource of India and proper conservation of soil. To know more about this do log into this site and read on.


This is the official site of Tamil Nadu government where the different steps being undertaken by the government to augment the quality of soil and stop the rapid soil erosion are being emphasized. Soil and water conservation go hand in hand for imprudent water resource management can augment soil resource. And soil being the most precious natural resource especially to an agricultural country like India it has far reaching impact on the economy. Delve into soil and water conservation measures ensured but the Tamil Nadu government from this site.


Soil provides food, fuel, fodder and shelter besides supporting secondary and other economic life supporting system. However there has been a continuous reduction of soil resources and the quality of land is deteriorating due to heavy amount of soil erosion. This is a site which provides you with a statistical report of the soil erosion and conservation in India through the years. If you are an environmentally conscious person who want to know some authentic details about the soil conservation scenario of India this could be the perfect site for you.


Soil Conservation is the process by which the loss of soil is checked. Soil conservation reduces the velocity of run-off with the help of erosion control measures for maximum crop production and for protection of human life. So conservation of soil is quintessential for sustenance of human life on the earth. In order to glean information about the untiring efforts of the Meghalaya government to conserve soil resource of India all you have to do is to take a peek into this site. It tells in details about the objective of the government for undertaking soil conservation steps.


Soil conservation is especially important for a country like India which has a huge population mainly dependent on the soil for their food and sustenance. Soil conservation in such a situation become of utmost importance. Some research and deliberation on the steps and measures to counter soil erosion and augment soil conservation is needed very much in India. This is the official site for Soil Conservation Training Center, DVC. Know in detail about the activities and jurisdiction of this institution and procure detailed information about Indian soil erosion and conservation from this site.


This is a small but informative article on the utility of soil and water resource conservation in India. All resources need careful nurturing and judicious use and soil is not exempt from this rule. Soil is the most valuable gift of Mother Nature has bestowed on us and we need to preserve and ensure the fertility of the soil. The various measures taken up in India to stop soil erosion and help soil conservation have been deliberated upon in this site.

Get to know in detail about soil erosion and conservation in India from this web page.

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