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Water Resources

Water is the most important natural resource, it is the most basic human need and a valuable national asset. Efficient development and optimum utilization of water resources, therefore is of great significance to the over all development of country. Water resource management in India is going to be vitally important to sustain the needs of one billion population of India.

Water management is a heterogeneous area with linkages to different sectors of Indian economy including the agricultural, industrial, domestic and household, power, environment, fisheries and transportation arenas. There are various key issues related to conservation of depleting ground water resources, soil conservation, flood control and availability of drinking water. Because water is a shared and community resource, it has often led to disputes between different states and also with the neighboring countries and that adds to the problems of water resource management in India.


This is the official site for the Water Resource Ministry of India. The sole propose and aim of this ministry is the optimum utilization of the varied and the vast amount of water resource that India has. Because India is a county which is weighed down by population right use and conservation of the water resources of India is very necessary. Know about the water resource conservation and management from this site. It informs you that the National Water Policy of India (2002) states and mandates that the water resources of India should be managed and developed in an integrated manner.


If you want to glean information on the water resource management and conservation policies of the government of India this is the perfect site for you. This site elucidates the quintessential tenets of water resource management and conservation taken up by government. The National Water policy emphasized the optimum conservation and sustainable utilization of the ground and surface water resources which are available in India. This policy also underscores the need of proper research and training in the water resource management sector. Other key issues like international cooperation and external assistance for the water resource management of India are also touched upon here.


Water is perhaps the most important resource available on earth. Its key importance in sustaining human race cannot be denied. This is the official site of National Institute of hydrology and it’s a premier institute which undertakes research and survey of the water resources of India. In this site you can find detailed information about the river basin map of India. India has a sustainable quantity of water resource but erratic rainfall and uneven distribution of water resource sometimes causes droughts. A statistical chart defining the quantity and amount of land and water resource of India are also provided here.


Water is such a key resource that it has a vast influence on the domestic, industrial as well as economic sector of India. Being a shared resource there are even disputes within states in India regarding water resource specially surface water resource. But proper management and conservation of this water resource is of utmost importance to meet the need of one billion population of India. This is a site which not only furnishes you with myriads of details on water resources of India but it also enlists and provides links of the different government organizations which are involved with promotion and sustenance of water resource in India.


This is an erudite discourse on water resources of India. This article emphasizes the importance of water resource which is one of the most vital assets of a country. It then gives statistical data regarding the water resources of India. Indian rivers are mainly rain fed and the Indian precipitation shows a high spatial and temporal variation. It underscores the fact that with rapid growth of population and increase in life style standard the water resources of India are being stretched to its limit. But the good thing is that several importance research and water resource conservation programs are being take up by the government to save this vital resource and raise the awareness of the Indian public regarding this.


This is a site where you can find all the importance statistical report regarding the water resource of India and its influence on Indian agriculture. India has always had an agricultural economy hence water resource and rainfall always had a vital influence on Indian economy. In order to gouge the water resource situation of India and its evolution through the post independence years all you have to do is to log into this site. This is a site where you can find authentic data and statistical charts about the water resources of India.


If you are interesting in empowering yourself with authentic information about the water resource of India the proper system of water management system taken up in this country then do visit this site. For you can procure a great book on water resource of India from this site. This book named “Handbook of Water resource in India” mainly emphasizes the major water issue policies in India. It elucidates the evolution of water management in India, investigates the past water resource management policies and tries to predict the future challenges in the sphere of water resource management in India.


This is a learned discourse on the conservation of water resource in India and its requirements. This discourse is written by a former secretary of the Ministry of water resources of India and hence he throws light on the growing problems of water resource management in India with considerable ease. It gives valuable information on ways of water conservation in India by reducing wastage of water and he also harps on the ways of averting water crisis and drought in different parts of India.


This is a great way for Indian student to know about the water resource in India. Water is the most vital resource for a country like India which is has a agro-based economy. So the future generation should also be aware of the nature of water resources of India and the growing need to conserve them. This article on the water resources of India is in a text book format where information about the water resources of India is given in a lucid but informative manner. It also tells you about the river valley projects in India and the irrigation system in India.


This is an article which delves into the needs and reasons for pollution of the water resources of India. Maintaining the purity of water resources of India is very important for the overall health of the nation. Millions of rural population is dependent on unpurified surface water resources for their sustenance and these water resources of India are getting polluted by injudicious use. Find more information on water pollution in India and how it is hampering the water resources of India.

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