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News and media aims at delivering news for you that has value in your life. What would happen if you didn’t know what is happening in the world around you? Wouldn’t it be suffocating? News and media wants to reach you before anyone does. They aim at delivering newsworthy stories at its best. With time viewers have become conscious of what is being delivered to them and these news and media services have strived hard to provide news up to your standards. There is news for everyone. Go click that mouse of yours and read all the news on offer.


New Delhi Television brings you National and International news in style. Despite huge competition if has been able to deliver with authenticity. Its name in the news and media industry has a firm foothold. Visit their site for the latest news. Crisp and neatly presented, their news sense has a universal appeal. They have been in the news and media business since a long time now. This gives their news strong character. Visit their site to update yourself and see the latest that is happening.


Competing with upcoming news and media providers DD News has since ages been the leading light in the business. It has however upgraded itself with time and if you are looking for style and news value at the same time, then you should visit this site. You can even search for a piece of news with them. You may register with them for your daily news updates also.


Although new in the news and media business Times Now has proved to be a strong competitor to all the other popular channels. It is brought to you by the Times Global Broadcasting Co. Ltd., a Bennett, Coleman & Co and Reuters service. You will find your favourite lifestyle news here and also exciting news on sports and all that you can think of. So, why wait for anything? Click in and visit the site.


Dedicated to covering sports news, this channel caters to all the sports lovers. You will get to know live cricket scores, bet on sports and there is also football and basket ball news for you. Not only that, you will also get information on sports equipments. Who would want to struggle when you can get information so easily! Visit the site if you think you are missing something, because you really could be.


Claiming to be “India’s Best News Channel” Aajtak scales new heights every time. Launched in 2000, Aajtak has secured its place in the news and media industry. Popular for it delivery of breaking news, it has taken news to a new level. It has also been awarded as the ‘Best News Channel’ by the Indian Television Academy. You will get your news bit in separate and neat categories. So, click in and explore the interesting news bites waiting for you.


Ravening for the latest happening in India? The TOI, enjoying the largest readership, will satiate your appetite. If you are a devoted TOI reader and missed this morning’s chronicle, check it out here. You shall not find an iota of difference in standards or quality in the news beats or in their customarily crisp presentation. In the side navigation bar, click on the cities link, find your city and look for the local scoop. You can even check out the local pull outs, sports briefs, entertainment fundoos and more.


The HT has earned a blindfold trust from its readers by virtue of their news coverage as they claim themselves to be the best. If you are an avid reader of HT you are sure to find your newspaper replica on the web. Or if you aim to be a part of the HT reading mass, this is chance to give your dormant thought a nudge. Their website is just as well chalked out as their newspaper template. So navigating through their story-decked web-portal would be really interesting. If you want to keep your eyes on the more morphed version of their website, click on the bar that offers the beta version of the website put up for testing. Experience the old in new attire. (

The Asian age has been under the limelight for a long time with its national as well as international circulation. It pockets a wide cross section of the English speaking and English reading masses. Dig into their news corner having stories of India and abroad, venture into the opinion segment where you can ventilate your thought through the mails to the editor or read up the letters to the editor or the editor’s penned article. Take a brisk walk through the business or sports corners, supplements, metro specials, chronicles, classifieds and the much sought after international news websites. Let the newspaper website be your knowledge granary.

thehindu.in: (www.thehindu.in/)

As one of the widely-circulating newspaper in south India, The Hindu acts as a mouthpiece for the doer as well as for the thinker. The claim to be one of the most neutral newspapers around and once you visit the online edition of their newspaper, you will understand that they live up to your expectation in a befitting manner. Starting with Breaking News, the site digs deep into minute coverage of state wise news and stories. Glean through the links like Business, Sports, Miscellaneous and International to get all in a nutshell. Are you feeling like taking a fond walk down the memory lane? See the 'Archives' segment. For more, clink on the link below.


132 years in print and still going tough and strong, The Statesman can be distinguished from the rest purely for impeccability – be it quality of news or crispness of presentation. The font used in their logo bears ample testimony to their pride and heritage. Find the categorical links in the home page, supplemented by a cluster of links appertaining to relevant pages. Do check out the Classified, Jobs, Matrimonials and Archives section as well. The 'Poll' section asks you of your valued opinion. Don't hesitate to make your point count.

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