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With the emergence of the internet or the World Wide Web, people all over the world have started socializing in the cyber world. Social networking in the virtual world is a rage these days. Newsgroups are communities of like-minded people created in the virtual world to share thoughts, comment on a particular issue as well as meet new friends. The main motive behind the formation of these groups is socializing and extending the network in the internet domain. Countless Indian newsgroups have popped up in the cyber space. Introduce yourself to the newsgroups of India and delve deep into their functions by visiting the following 10 portals:


This website gives us an overview about the concept of Newsgroups, why such groups are increasingly gaining importance day after day and participation in such groups. It also discusses about the concept of Usenet where people all over the globe can participate in discussions. It also comes up with the terminology of Usenet. Another important area which has been covered by this website is the top level categories of Usenet like computer hardware, social issues, debates, recreational activities, humanities to name a few.

pathoindia.com: (www.pathoindia.com/ed.htm)

The main aim behind the preparation of this Newsgroup is to enable the pathologists find useful resources over the internet. It also enables them to put their ideas over the Web. Even Pathologists from the most remote parts of the world can now communicate with his professional colleagues in a very easy manner. Here you will find mailing lists, tips for posting messages in a newsgroup and many other aspects.


Rediff connexions is a hugely popular newsgroup due to its versatile offerings. The main aim of this newsgroup is to make unknown people known to each other via the internet. Here you can search for people from your city, school, college, industry or from some other part of the country and socialize with them easily. All you need to enter into this newsgroup is a valid rediffmail id and it is totally free of any cost. Here you can search for other persons and even fill in their scrapbooks.

mastindia.com: (www.mastindia.com/newsgroups.html")

Are you in search of latest as well as medieval cultural news from world? If your answer to the above question is yes, then you need to visit this newsgroup which will provide you with the latest updated news from the world of arts. Here you will find several topics regarding Indian arts and what others have to say about those. Some of the popular topics that are offered here include culture of Karnataka, culture of Kerala, Tamil culture, collection of artistic articles and many more. It also offers some threads in religion like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism to name a few.


This newsgroup is entirely concerned about the Indian as well as the international sports arena. Here just by the click of a mouse, you can enter the discussion forum and post your valuable comments regarding a particular article. Apart from it here you also come to know about the feelings of other sports lovers regarding a particular game or a particular player. So if you are obsessed with sports and want to explore new horizons in the same, then this is indeed the best place for you on the Web.

rajiv.com: (www.rajiv.com/india/info/usenet.htm)

Introduce yourself to the different Indian newsgroups by visiting this portal. This portal aims at exposing you to all the Usenet newsgroups of India. Specific categorization has been made to showcase the regional news communities of India. Want to meet the religious newsgroups of India – a simple click of the mouse and you will get acquainted with the spiritual and religious communities of India – go ahead and check-them out. This portal also offers answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the newsgroups with utmost precision and details – clear all your doubts by looking at the answers.


Are you an avid sports fan? Then this portal is a must-visit for you, drop in at this portal and acquaint yourself with the sports newsgroups of India. Click on the Indian sports newsgroups and there you can find a comprehensive list of the table tennis newsgroups of India. Are you looking for sports equipments? Here you will also find the website of the manufacturers of sports goods. Collect your sports goodies by logging on to this portal. The USP of this portal is its search tool. Look-up for any topic you want by accessing the search-box.


Explore the multiple newsgroups of India by stopping by this portal. It has undertaken a sincere endeavor to bring all the different newsgroups of India under one umbrella. The site hosts a comprehensive collection of the Indian newsgroups ranging from religious to regional, sports to medicine and from music to health. So what are you waiting for- click and enter into your preferred realm. If you have any query regarding any newsgroup clear your doubts by checking –out the answers to the FAQs hosted on this portal.

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