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Are you health conscious? The answer is surely yes for if you are not health conscious then it is harmful for you. A balanced diet is essential for a fit body. Fitness is necessary for a healthy life. If you want to stay fit then your diet must encompass all the essential nutrients. Nutritious food is very vital for all of us. If you are interested to know about the nutrition and healthy food then take a quick glance at these sites.

It is one of the top Indian sites on nutrition. The web portal features sections like Diets and Foods. The Diets category encompass Normal Diets, Eat to beat illness, Healthy Diets, Weight reduction, Tailored Diet and Online Health Analysis. The Foods section includes Food groups, food Nutrients, Wonder Foods etc. This portal is an exquisite site on health, nutrition and fitness.


If you want to have a healthy heart, mind and body then click in the mouse in this site. The site has categories like Diet Plans, Home Remedies, Special Diets, Diet Tools, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Trackers etc. The Diet and Nutrition section is the best. It includes Rapid Weight Loss Diet, Ayurveda Diet etc. Watch out the site for more information.


It provides all details about healthy nutrition. This site is the ultimate health nutrition guide. It lists Health benefits of calcium, healthy food recipes, Indian fast food nutrition, Healthy nutrition for child, Benefits of Dietary Fiber etc. Simply visit this site for more details on nutritious food in India.


Life Century is a healthcare and wellness company. Their health professionals include Yoga experts, Ayurvedic doctors, Dietician and Nutritionists Experts. They offer a wide range of services like Weight loss diet, Diet for Children, Diet for Optimum Health and many others. Browse this site and view their wide array of services.


This site is the one stop information center for health diet and nutrition. This site lists the calories in the Indian food. This section includes Leafy vegetables, cereal grains and products, nuts and oilseeds etc. It also offers valuable details about Men's health, Women's health, Child's Heath etc. Click in the site for other related information on nutritious food.


Read a very useful article on healthy living and nutrition in India in this site. A nutritious diet is based on age, sex, medical history, lifestyle and body size. This site offers all information on children nutrition, nutrition for expectant mothers, nutrition for athletes etc. Visit this site and view the article featured in it.


It provides a lot of information on diet nutrition. It features the best diet programs, reviews of diets and diet nutrition advice. You must browse this site and view the sections in detail. The articles on Nutrients in Indian Diet, Indian Diet and Obesity are very beneficial.


The bawarchi section of this web portal is very interesting. It features the healthy Indian food recipes or nutritious recipes. Just check out the top five recipes rich in nutrients in this website. You can also avail video recipes in this site.


This site with its healthy and nutritious recipes of the renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor is the best guide on nutrition. The expert tips on healthy food is very useful. Just click in the site for more information on balanced diet and healthy nutritious recipes.


Tarla Dalal is one of the best selling author of cookery in India. It is the best guide for healthy recipes. You can follow her recipes for a complete nutritious food. So if you are seeking for healthy food recipes which must include all the essential nutrients then just visit this web portal.

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