Best Sites About Occupation

Best Sites About Occupation
Jagran Josh Career WebIndia 123
Careers360HT Campus
Mana Badi Target Study
Career Age Study Guide India
India Education Diary Young Buzz
Career Counselling Career Guidance India
Career PlusMaa Foundation
Workwise Enoma
Extra Marks 
Choosing a career or occupation is one of the most important decisions a person can take in life. One needs to analyze their interests, hobbies, financial capabilities and professional aspirations to finally decide on a career. There are many websites that helps people make an informed decision.What you will become in life is decided by the orientation that you have. There are so many things you can take up as an occupation but what is important is to know whether you can do it, whether you are cut out for that occupation or not. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the exact occupation as he or she wants. But finding out the right occupation is important for only then you will be able to render to your best ability. Whether you are a painter or a photographer, your success rate will be measured by the drive in you. If you have the drive for a particular occupation, it will take your far. Get an overview of the different forms of occupation with

Jagran Josh (

Jagran Josh is the top occupation website in India. It has the best information for several careers including Chartered Accountancy, Physiotherapy, BPO, Food Processing, Hotel Management, Archeology, Architecture, Modeling, and Teaching. This site helps users understand each career thoroughly. It answers a number of questions for people wondering which occupation to pursue, like is it the right career, what is the cost, positives and negatives, pay packages, roles and job profiles, demand and supply in the industry, how to get hired, scholarships for studies, international focus etc.

Career WebIndia 123 (

This is one of the most popular websites giving info on occupations in India. It has alphabetically listed the names of careers spanning numerous areas of interest like Medicine, Arts, Media, Engineering, Management and Science. Each of the careers has details in a separate page. The details are their overview, prospects, eligibility, institutes, remuneration, similar career options and useful contacts.

Careers360 (

Careers360 is one of the most trusted websites for occupations in India. It provides extensive information on education, career and job markets in the country. Its section of Careers & Courses has details about various career options. These details include an overview of the occupation, studies and top institutes, best companies to work for and feedback from students and professionals in the industry.

HT Campus (

HT Campus has one of the best web-infrastructures for giving information about occupations in India. It lists the occupations according to the study categories like Management, Multimedia, Medicine, Computers, Hospitality and Politics. Each occupation or career has exhaustive details including their pros & cons, skills required, salary, how to get started, top colleges list, and an idea about the day of a person in the career. The best feature about this site is that you can also compare a maximum of 5 careers together.

Mana Badi (

Mana Badi has one of the best list of occupations in India. It has categorized the occupational fields according to area or level of study required, for instance study in the field of Mass Communication can lead to careers in Film Making, Advertising, Video Editing etc. each of the careers are detailed in separate pages that has its introduction, career prospects, courses & eligibility and pay package.

Target Study (

Target Study is one of the best occupation websites in India if you are looking for options that span from after school to after college careers. The site gives details about various occupations in fields like Agriculture, Army, Entertainment, Applied Sciences, Banking, Education, Management and Hospitality. The details include prospects, salary, prospects and eligibility.

Career Age (

Career Age has one of the most informative accounts of occupations in India. It has career choices like Bioinformatics, Office Administration, Mechanical Engineering, Fitness Instructor, Critic, Gemology, Nursing and Infrastructure Management. These careers are explained well with introduction, nature of work, professional courses, eligibility, personal attributes, career prospects, institutes and remunerations.

Study Guide India (

This is a popular career website in India. The career options are sectioned according to their common areas like careers in Dental, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Homeopathy and Child Care are classified under Healthcare or Medical Science. You can find the field description, education guide, institutions, job opportunities and approximate salary range for each of these careers.

India Education Diary (

The Career Options section of this education website has a great list of occupations that people can pursue in India. These are classified under common areas of study like Medical, Engineering, Science, Media, Computer or IT and law. Each career is detailed with their overview, sub branches, prospects, eligibility and trends.

Young Buzz (

Young Buzz is one of the most comprehensive lists of occupations among Indian websites. There are 181 career profiles given here. This includes professions like Horticulturist, Statistician, Tarot Reader, Media Planner, Management Consultant, Company Secretary, Police Officer, Dentist, and Marine Engineer. It also has options for working from home. Information for each career has their requirements, job opportunities, career map, prospects, interviews of people in the industry and benefits.

List Of Top Best Sites About Occupation Websites In India:

Career Counselling :(

Career counseling employs a scientific way of counseling, it basically follows the e -Learning route. Career counseling is interactive and engaging, moreover it eliminates the need for face-to-face interaction with a counselor. Now you can get rid of your career related queries,anytime,anywhere.Visit the link to know which occupation is right for you.

Career Guidance India:(

Pervin Malhotra the Executive Director of Career Guidance India (CARING) is one of the India's top career counselor. Career Guidance India offers a wealth of up-to-date information to guide you on the accurate career options and helps you to choose the right and suitable occupation.Visit the web site to get informed about good career options.

Career Plus :(

Career Plus is basically an effort to add value to your career.It basically provides Career guidance, and provides unlimited Growth opportunity for the career. So donít waste your time and click right in.

Maa Foundation:(

Maa Foundation is a website which guides you on various carrer options.It basically gives you information about various career avenues, ranging from Commerce to Science.Visit the website to know more about it.

Workwise :(

WorkWise has successfully trained about 5000 people for interviews, goal setting, career transitions and career planning. It basically brings together the experience of over 50 years in varied industries including Psychology, Banking, Media, HR, Training, Retail, Textiles, BPO & Counseling. Visit the website to know more about it.


Enoma is a job counsellor organization based in India .It provides accurate career guidance for your future careers or jobs.

Extra Marks:(

Extramarks finds details on hot careers and provides there complete description, such as ,qualification, required eligibility criteria etc. It helps in bringing your career on right path and right direction. So, donot wait simply login to know more about it.

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