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Music is a perpetual state of being for the appreciating individuals. It is a sense which cannot be defined in words. Technically Music is the organized treatment of sound and silence conveyed through time. The components of sound in music include harmony and melody, collectively known as pitch; tempo and meter and sonic qualities like articulation, tonalities and the overall feel. Since Music is the culmination of cultural expression, it is bound to differ with respect to time and place. While vocals and instrumentations tend to merge in Western Music to give it a unified force, traditional Indian classical Music tends to abstain from this intermingling. But irrespective of geographical barriers, creed or culture, Music has a ubiquitous hold upon humanity in the sense that it reaches straight to the heart and invokes to the soul. Indian music in general consists of folk, pop, popular and classical schools. These forms or Gharanas have a history that can be traced back to ancient times. Music as occupation is not at all a Utopian fantasy anymore among the talented folks of India. Let the music play as www.bestindiansites.com finds for you some of the best Indian sites on music. With these sites at your fingertips, harbor no qualms in your mind in case you want to take up music as your profession.


Get into the groove and taste the sustenance of life you are in divine company here with Raaga. This site lets you listen to your favorite numbers online. The collection is simply breathtaking for it offers a choice of five languages from which you are free to choose your kind of stuff. Just click on any of these five categories to explore the hidden treasure of music. In My Raaga you can even create your own playlist to listen to a selective assemblage of numbers. Also find songs, movies, singers and actors from India with the help of the search boxes to be found at the top of the page.


Want to pursue your dream of becoming a musician some day? Visit this site hosted by India Parenting to get exposed to a number of opportunities from all around the country. Check out the institutions and get yourself into any one of them. Learn how to play keyboards, guitar, violin, tabla, sitar, sarod, pakhawaj and numerous other Indian as well as western instruments. If you have the voice to rock the world, do shoot a glance at the institutions that offer vocal courses.


Train yourself professionally to take your musical career to dizzying heights. If you feel you are in tune, try out one of these courses offered by various institutions like Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth, Lucknow, M.S. University, Baroda, University of Madras, Annamalai University, University of Delhi, University of Bombay, Calcutta University, Visva Bharati University, Sangit Bhawan, West Bengal, Kalakshetra, Adyar, Madras and Banaras Hindu university. Go ahead and check out the following link.


To all the devout worshipers of Music and gifted musicians, you possibly couldn't have asked for more bigger a platform than Sony Entertainment Television has given you by conducting the dazzling Indian Idol. They are all set to launch the 3rd part of this grand gala very shortly. See if you can make it to the chosen few and show the whole of India what you are made of. After all this type of chance doesn't come your way everyday! Click on the following link to know more on Indian Idol.

indianidol.sifymax.com (www.zee-tv.com/Zee_Serial.aspx?zsid=80)

Have you ever dreamed of treading the same path once trodden by the likes of Kishore Kumar, Md. Rafi, Mukesh and other sublime artists? Do you dare to think as big as to become a playback singer? If yes, try out your fortune by participating Zee TV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa nationwide talent hunt for the most promising singers. This official site from the home of Zee TV showcases their mission of finding out the best yet-to-be-recognized singing talent of the country. Take the challenge in hearty spirit to speak out your soul. Simply visit the site to explore more.

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