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The economy of India depends largely on the oil industry. Petroleum Oil and natural gas is one of the major thing needed for the proper industrial development of a country. ONGC forms the largest and best oil and gas company in Asia, according to a recent survey. To help you know all about this oil industry in details, its history, evolution,legal acts and more, bestindiansites.com have compiled 10 best websites on oil industry. Have a look.


The economy of India depends largely on the oil industry. If you want to gather information on oil industry in full details such as objectives of oil industry, oil industry development board, function of the board, resources and lots more, log in this site and enhance your knowledge.


This is a one stop site for you to gather information on Castor oil. Get yourself introduced with various castor oil related issues such as castor derivatives & castor oil producers. Log in this site and you will have data and information on castor oil in full details from this site. Also know about this trade, industry,products and production of castor oil.

oisd.nic.in:(www.oisd.nic.in/ )

OISD is the abbreviated form of Oil Industry Safety Directorate. It is the technical team under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas that looks after the safety and security. To know about the functions and communication of this team, visit this site and know in details. Have a tour through this site for the enhancement of your knowledge.


Indian Oil Corporation Limited is presently the largest company of India by sales with a turnover of Rs. 1,83,204 crore (US $ 41 billion) and profits of Rs. 4,915 crore (US $ 1.10 billion). To gather detailed information on this company, this is the best site. Get elaborate and updated data on the company such as products, services, financial reports, investments, recognitions, careers and many more. Check out this site.


In today's age, oil and gas companies are in a state of global challenge. To know about the difficulties, the solutions and innovations, check out this site. Know from the article presented in this site the challenges of oil and gas industry and the innovative help forwarded by the IBM groups.


ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited) is Asia's best oil and gas company according to a recent survey. For thorough info on this organization and their technologies, have a tour through this site. Also go through the videos to get a detailed idea of this organization and their popularity.


For latest news on the oil and petroleum sector of India, visit to this site is a must. This site provides you handy informative matters on the developments and laws related to the oil and petroleum industry. Get your knowledge updated on the legal acts, rules and bills of this oil and gas industry.


Mustard oil was considered healthy from ancient ages. But recently, mustard oil industry is going through big crisis after the malady of Delhi. Know from the article of this site the present scenario of mustard oil industry. Browse through this site to update your inputs.


If you want to know about the oil industry of India in elaborate form,its evolution, history, growth,rules and regulations and lots more, just take a tour of this handy and informative site. This site provides you with all information related to oil industry. Check out this one stop site.


Want to have a lucrative career in the oil industry? Have a look as this site can help you find your dream job in oil sector. For all sort of oil jobs and related issues, log in this site and have your pick from the numerous jobs on offer.

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