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In the modern era, dating is an important part of courtship between couples for subsequent marriage. Although, a fairly new concept in India, dating has become a prominent part in the youth today as it encourages meeting and knowing a person before one decides to settle down for life with him/ her. Internet has a number of options to assist singles find someone through chatting, messaging, questionnaires and social profiles.

Online dating sites are achieving new dimension as internet is encroaching upon the privacy of the living rooms. From teenagers to prospective brides and grooms, from loners to adventurously flippant hearts- there are oodles of sport and fun for people of every age. And age, age is no bar here. You can fix a blind date with a partner in these online dating sites whom you have always looked to gun down.

Chat with people hailing from the different nations, states or cultures through the online dating sites. Spring can herald in your life if you are single and ready to mingle. Online dating is the gospel for the hearts who are looking to whisk away time losing themselves in the gaze of dates. Think no more if your heart flutters for love. Find love, its just a few clicks away! Here are the top online dating sites in India, for those looking for a casual affair or a serious relationship:

Fropper: (

Fropper is one of the top online dating sites in India. It allows members to meet people with similar interests and communicate with them privately. It also has a screening technique to remove abusers and help keep the Fropper community clean and safe. Registration to Fropper is free of any charge.

iii: (

This website was started in 2008 to create an online community for singles for the purposes of casual dating. It caters users above the age of 18. The site has a number services for free like video and text chatting, blogs, romantic 3D conversations, couple matching, gallery, gaming and VOIP phone.

Indian Dating: (

As the name suggests, Indian Dating is an online dating site in India offering a platform for single adults to date. It allows members to create a profile for free and check other profiles. It has two types of membership plans – Basic Membership is for free and Gold Membership costs Rs. 200 for a month for audio and video chatting, exchanging messages and others.

Date Dosti: (

Females usually find dating sites risky and unsafe. Date Dosti is a unique online Indian dating site that gives females more control to ensure their safety and online security. It allows users above the age of 18 to join for free and create their profile. Members can use Date Dosti’s features like online chatting and creating a list of favorites.

Mate 4 All: (

Mate 4 All is a global portal for online dating. It has its presence in 240 countries including India. The website offers free dating and matrimonial services for singles in India. It has features like friendship club, live chat, speed dating, and browsing options depending on the users’ personal choices.

Quack Quack: (

Quack Quack is a popular online dating portal in India. It has a number of features like multiple choice questions to help categorize your personality, ‘automatic match suggestions’ to find your compatible matches among the members, automatic message senders and instant chat application. The site is free for a limited number of services.

Sampark Network: (

Sampark Network is an Indian dating site that concentrates on providing security to members while they are socializing with fellow members. This ISO certified site offers users a platform to meet people and make friends through chatting and creating a “friendship club”. The service has a yearly charge of Rs. 6000/-.

India Match: (

India Match is an online dating community in India. It allows members to create a profile for free, share photographs, send flirts and messages, and chat with other members. The website has a simple and safe interface to help single people connect with each other to develop a fun and lasting relationship.

Big Flirt: (

If you enjoy flirting and dating casually, Big Flirt is a good online Indian dating site for you. It allows singles to create profiles and find people for friendship, serious romance or a casual affair. The website is safe for women, and allows local searching for free. Its other features include personal ads and online chat rooms.

Metro Date: (

Metro Date is a free online dating site in India. It has a number of features to help singles meet and date. Users can register and create profiles, chat with members, join groups with similar interests, send private messages and date in the city using the city guide. The website has unique features like creating video profiles, browsing though dating tips, and sending audio messages.

Some other famous Online Dating Websites in India: has taken the online dating crusade to a position where Indians will not have to be too shy to start a conversation. No shying away from hooking romantic partners. Create your account in just 3 easy steps and get into dating dome. You don’t have to wear your heart on the sleeves anymore and sigh out seeing your friend in love’s arms. Check out for a chilled date by specifying the age, the city you would prefer and just muster up courage to set out for a blind date. )

Dating for Hindi speaking people - how spectacular that would be if it were there, right? You are just short of being a part of this dating hub for the Hindi speakers by a single click. Yes,, the world's torch bearer in dating lifestyle, has made it happen especially for the Indians. You don't need to aim for the world when you have India at your disposal. Just agree to abide by their terms and conditions while booking your account with them. And voila! You will be out on dating your chosen partner soon. ( )

Though this is an itinerary for the ones who would like to tie knots, you can always try the most pitched resource for Indian boys and girls, men and women. Jeevensathi unites two hearts to become one through the nuptial rites. So if settling down beckons you get a prospective life partner here. Register with them and upload your complete profile. Next surf up their profile cupboard and let cupid do the rest. If you are lucky enough you can find a like-minded soul who would probably be game for casual flings like you. is one of the leading dating sites which has launched a number of cost-effective attractive packages for people of all ages. An individual can utilize every moment by dating online in this site. There is no need to worry about the security. The site has a powerful monitoring unit to check the entry of any fake person who could dampen the reliability of the site. To use this dating website, an individual needs to simply log in and register him or herself. )

If you are eager to fill up your empty spaces of heart with serious relationship but stand clueless on how to break ice, come here. Provide the zip code of your area to team up with a local soul mate of your choice. Write out an impressive profile, stack your pictures, videos and audio to make your bio data appealing and winsome. If starting up a tête-à-tête fascinates you do it at your will. You are even free to instantly message the belle or the beau who took your heart away in a blink.

Well are you single and looking forward to mingle? This portal will serve your purpose jolly well coz it will offer you a directory of the online dating portals of India. If you want to date someone from your own region start looking for your companion now by clicking on the regional dating portals presented here. will provide you a comprehensive collection of online dating and matrimony portals of India. Here you will be spoilt for choice indeed. So what are you waiting for? Seek out your mate as fast as you can – all the very best.

Are you scouting for a date? Visit this site and meet your date without even expending a penny. This portal hosts online dating services which are entirely free of cost. Check-out the profiles of your potential dates. Search your date by accessing their free services. Get free dating tips. Register as a member and upload your profile now and guess what, it also comes free. So what’s better and easy way to run across your date – all you need to do is simply click on this site.

Well your search for a date ends here. This portal offers you a comprehensive list of online dating services. If you want to get settled, again this will be the ideal place for you to drop in. Meet your would-be bride online by browsing through the matrimony portals presented here. You will find a whole host of navigational links on dating on the top of this portal. The search box will surely make your search easier and convenient.

Now, literally love is in the air. This portal enables you to search your date online. Dating on the web has become extremely popular these days – go through the article on online dating posted on this site. Check-out the do’s and don’ts of online dating. Here you will get valuable tips on safe online dating. So, without much ado get ready to date online. You can also post your own article here detailing your views and perspectives. Browse through the related navigational links on dating --- happy dating.

Are you acquainted with the online dating culture? This portal will offer you precise and comprehensive overview of the online dating phenomena in India. Online dating has become a rage among the Indian youths in recent times. Check-out the origin of the online dating culture. Learn about the different types of online dating portals. Introduce yourself to the social networking sites. Since 1999 Stylus has been actively engaged in the development of web applications. So if you are contemplating of opening your own dating site simply contact Stylus.

Online dating has more hearts to conquer and still more loners to gift them a valentine.

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