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Operating System

An operating system is a set of computer programmes that manage the hardware and software resources of a computer. It rationally processes electronic devices in response to approved commands. At the foundation of all system software an operating system performs basic tasks like controlling and allocating memory, prioritizing system requests, controlling input and output devices, facilitating networking and managing files. So much so for the operating systems. Now browse more with www.bestindiansites.com to find out more about the operating systems.

nos.org: (www.nos.org/htm/os1.htm )

This will act as your online course material for operating systems like the Disk Operating System, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. This comes in handy for all those of you who are looking for information of these operating systems. It also teaches you file handling in Windows 3.1 So, simply glide through for you online course on the operating systems.

ciol.com: (www.ciol.com/content/developer/os/2007/107030102.asp)

The all so well known operating system UNIX and Linux is well explained here. This is only a beginner's guide to the operating system and explains everything in eight simple steps. Besides this, the further link that this site provides, also gives out a list of recommended books for UNIX and Linux plus they also have further links to other UNIX resources.

aztecsoft.com: (www.aztecsoft.com/operating_systems.htm)

When you want to test your operating system, you may want to get in touch with them. For years they have been involved in testing the building block components such as file systems, file I/O, networking, device interfaces, etc. They have also investigated bugs found in operating systems. Disha has a great deal of experience in debugging kernel crashes to isolate the culprit subsystem, module or driver. Don't you now think you want to visit their site and get to know more? So, what are you waiting for then? Go right ahead.


This site will tell you about the embedded operating systems and how they work. It provides further links to every new topic and you will find yourself enlightened with fresh knowledge every time you move to a new link. They take you on a journey through the various embedded operating systems that they have listed. The features of the operating systems are well explained for you to understand. The site has been done in a simple manner so that you have a better understanding of the products.

indiatimes.com: (shopping.indiatimes.com/ism/faces/tiles/category.jsp?catalogueID=20375766&categoryID=961279&parentCategoryID )

When you want the latest in Windows operating system, visit this site and you will get the most collection. The USP of this site is its authenticity and the clarity it maintains with its customers. Their products range from Windows Vista Business to Microsoft Windows Professional. You will not only find a wide range according to your need, but also a vivid description of each product. This enhances the authenticity of the site once again apart from enhancing the product.

doeacc.edu.in: (www.doeacc.edu.in/jsp/syllabus/b3.4.htm )

DOEACC is a premier technical institute imparting various courses on computers and IT. This portal presents the syllabus prescribed in the curriculum of the DOEACC society. Take an in-depth look into the syllabus of the O, A, B and C levels. Check-out the outline of the syllabus and learn about the course durations. If you want to be well-conversant in the intricacies of the operating systems get yourself enrolled in the I/O systems course of DOEACC. This portal recommends some books which will prove highly useful to those eager to pursue a career in IT and computers. Take a sneak peek into these valuable books by clicking on this portal.

forums.techarena.in: (forums.techarena.in/forumdisplay.php?f=40)

Want to have a complete grasp of the operating systems? Check-into this tech forum and expand your horizon. Glean comprehensive information on the operating systems. Check-out trouble shooting software for O/S like the Linux, Windows and Max. Get some tips on the operating systems. The forum posts a host of queries and answers on O/S. Besides, everything related to computer and IT has been touched by this forum. Here loads of exciting stuffs are in store for the computer geeks. Want to post your own queries? Hurry, register as a member and avail yourself of this treasure trove of knowledge.


Educate yourself on the operating systems by navigating through this portal. If you are a novice in this domain of knowledge then this is one fine portal to start of with. What is meant by an operating system? What are the functions of operating system—this portal will acquaint you with the very basics of the operating systems. Check-out the fundamentals of O/S by logging on to this portal. Let this portal be the window to your understanding of the operating systems.


This portal introduces you to the different computer operating systems. Here you will find a complete chart of all the operating systems. Click on the one you want to acquire information on and there you go. This website is uniquely designed to impart comprehensive knowledge of the operating systems to its users --- it is a handy guide indeed. Learn about the operating systems by simply clicking on this self-help guide portal. The portal also comes with a search tool. Go ahead explore any topic of your choice by simply accessing this search-tool box.

expresscomputeronline.com:(www.expresscomputeronline.com/20020408/focus2.shtml )

Learn about the 64-bit operating system by logging on to this portal. Here you will find an article dealing with this particular type of operating system. Take a look at the functions of the 64-bit O/S; learn about its advantages and the way it operates. How can you fully utilize the 64-bit architecture? Check-it out here. Introduce yourself to the latest generation of this operating system by touring through this site.

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