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The term computer painting literally refers to the process of using a personal computer to create images. These images can be made using various softwares like Raster, Vector and Bitmap along with computer graphics programs such as CorelIDRAW, Photoshop and Pixel Image Editor. These softwares are computer programs that allow users to paint and edit pictures interactively on the computer. However there is another type of computer painting software which is also available on the market which is known as ASCIIart. Computer painting or digital painting is a well acknowledged art form nowadays. Dieter Grossman of Germany is well known as the leading computer painting artist of the world. Take a leap into the world of computer painting with betsindiansites.com


This site eulogizes the beauty and grace of digital art or computer paintings drawn by famous Indian digital artist Kishore Hublikar. These computer generated paintings are so dexterously done that to an untrained eye the strokes look almost as real as if they are drawn with oil or water color on a canvas. These exquisite paintings are drawn digitally using softwares like Photoshop and Corel. Though it seems quite easy to create a work of art with the help of a mouse but it is far from it. It requires painstaking effort and creative vigor on the part of the artist.


This could be just the site for you if you are a wannabe computer painting artist. This site gives you detailed information on ArtRage 2.2, the latest computer painting software that has just been launched. This is a software whose highly advanced features would make the work of a computer painter a lot easier. This software has been launched in English, French and German language versions.


This site chronicles a lot of blogs on power paint tools in computer. This is a delightful site for people interested in digital art of computer painting. People have put in their genuine queries and problems regarding the use of this particular painting tool while some have provided solutions to them. A perfect site to clear your doubts if you are a would be computer painting artist.


This site investigates into the types of computer painting tools that are usually taught to the primary and secondary school children in their computer classes. This site will help you to form and idea about the computer painting lessons provided to the students of sixth standard. So if you are interested in giving your child some computer painting lessons you will know where to look.


Triffin Technologies is a New Delhi based soft ware company which has recently introduced a software called KTP effects in the Indian market. This is a software which is a part of the Procreate line of softwares. This software is a collection of plug-in filters which acts as a perfect consort of existing computer painting softwares like Adobe Photoshop. This software allows computer painting artistes to create image transformation and original effects in a fraction of a time which was previously required.


This site sings eulogies for the exquisite collection of digital art portrayed by artist Vivek Kapoor. These beautifully crafted computer generated pictures are used by him to reflect the different shades of Indian society and to give vent to untrammeled emotions of an individual. These digital pictures are true works of art. Take a peek.


This is another site which is an ode to digital art or the genre of computer painting. Computer no longer merely assists you to manage or manipulate data but it acts as power tool to unleash you creative spirit. This site contains a mesmerizing collection of computer paintings which you can buy. These paintings are available only in limited edition. These paintings could be that exquisite show piece in you home which will draw everybody's attention.


This site gives a fine twist to the conventional perception of computer painting. Through this site you will come to know how computer painting tools are used to create digital images for jewellery designing these days. This site also gives you extensive information on how you can avail on these courses in case you are interested in them.


This useful article written by a computer artist gives you useful tips on the kinds of computers to buy which will be friendly to the painting tools and softwares which you upload in them. This small but informative article is filled with sage advices. He gives you solutions to a lot of problems faced by computer painters for example if you are a computer painter who is having problem in using a mouse, he advises you to buy a Graphic Tablet like Wacom.


This article reviews computer painting from a technical writer’s point of view. The author of the article elaborates on the different computer aides wshich might prove useful for a technical writer and in his way of enlisting these aids he also harps on the fact that how a through knowledge of computer painting tools can help a technical writer too.

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