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The name 'Dokra' or ‘Dhokra’ was used originally to indicate a sect of metal craftsmen who well were known for their metal craft. Dokra now refers to a metal craft which is tribal in origin. It is mainly found in the tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. In this metal craft the craftsman firstly subcultures a wax model of the object he wants to make. Then he makes a mould of clay and pours molten metal into a hole in the mould, then the wax melts and the clay is broken away to bring out the metal object which is then smoothed an polished to perfection. This is also know as the lost wax procedure or “cire perdure”. Dokra art mainly produces figurines of Gods, Goddesses and religious animals and birds. Dokra art has a rustic and antique finish which makes this unique and appealing. Though the Dokra artists are untutored in traditional institutions the Dokra craftsmen posses huge repertoire of creativity and artistic sagacity. Dokra art is revered all over the world for its primeval plainness and enthralling folk motifs.


The metal smiths of West Bengal who are experts in using the lost wax process of metal casting or Dokra work are known as 'Dokra Kamars'. In West Bengal the main places where the Dokra art flourishes are the districts of Bankura, Purulia, Midnapore and Burdwan. This site is a detailed treatise on the Dokra art. It harps on the places where this art form flourishes. It also elaborates the technique of making Dokra artwork.


Dokra system of metal crafting is said to be the oldest form of metal casting and is technically know as 'cire perdure' or the lost wax procedure. In recent years there has been a revival of Dokra art and the products made by Dokra craftsmen are in great demand in domestic and foreign market. This article sings a paean to this traditional art.


This site elucidates the nature Dokra art in clear and lucid language. It gives detailed information on Dokra jewellery made by tribal craftsmen from different parts of Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal. These jewelleries showcase the tribal patterns and ethnic Indian designs. This article also harps on the uniqueness of Dokra art in which no two pieces are similar. Dokra castings also comprise of household decoration accessories like lamp holders, figurines etc.


This site provides you with a small but useful article on Dokra metal craft. Through this site you can know the methods used by Dokra craftsmen to mould such exquisite pieces of art which are well appreciated all over the world. Dokra art works are unique in their appeal and is well appreciated all over India as well in other parts of the world.


If you are interested in Indian tribal craft like Dokra and Budhiti this could be just the site for you. This site provides you with a gamut of information on Dokra art. It also informs you about the places in Andhra Pradesh which are famous for their Dokra art. Places like Chittabori and Ushegaon in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh are important centers of Dokra art.


Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh is famous for its Dokra metal craft. But this traditional art form is undergoing some sea change along with the changing times. In recent times there has been a growing demand of Dokra artifacts in the domestic as well as international markets. So, this calls for using latest designs for Dokra craft which will have a worldwide appeal. This article also underscores the need for better finishing of Dokra figurines so that they are all the more appreciated world wide.


This article is an ode to the traditional art form of Dokra. It regales you with myriads of details on this art form. It emphasizes the fact that Dokra art is also known as the lost wax procedure of 'cire perdure'. It however doesn't refrain from mentioning the fact that tribal Dokra metal smiths have long been social outcasts in West Bengal but the growing demand of their art nowadays has now given them some economic stability. The major items of manufacture by these Dokra metal smiths are figurines of Gods and Goddesses and anklets, tinkling bells. Along with that they also produce dhunuchi and pancha pradeep which are items of Hindu worship


This is a small but insightful article on Dokra art. This article provides you with details on Dokra art. This could just be the site for you if you are a Dokra art enthusiast.


This newspaper article gives an international twist to the traditional art of Dokra. This article will inform you how the traditional Dokra artifacts from India are soon to woo art lovers in Milan. Dokra art which is one of the most exquisite examples of the rich tradition of Indian craftsmanship is now getting the recognition which was long overdue.


The Dokra art is mainly an assortment of imagery and figures of God and Goddesses and birds and animals. It is well appreciated all over the world due to its rustic beauty and enticing folk motifs. Wonderfully crafted and decorated Dokra artifacts are prized possession of art collectors all over the world. This site lucidly highlights the quintessential characteristic of Dokra art.

Regale yourself with details about the traditional tribal metal craft of Dokra from this page.

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