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Gujarati Paintings

Speaking of Gujarati painting, the name of the art of glass painting springs up to mind instantly. Originating in the beginning of 18th century, this painting has become the traditional local art of Gujarat. Apart from glass painting, Kalampari art form is highly practised in the state of Gujarat. The intricate frescos and the finesse with which the forms come alive with colours are a watermark of Gujarati art. With the help of these 10 sites, know more about the Gujarati paintings.


Explore this site to view some beautiful and attractive works of Gujarati patchwork done in wall hangings. This site allows you with the facility to place online orders if you feel like buying any item on display. Relevant information on the items is given in this site.


Go through this site and experience the beauty and artistry of rock paintings in a cave near Tejgadh, in Baroda district of Gujarat. Apart from that, also know from the article in short and precise way about the ancient Gujarati arts and paintings.


Glass painting is a traditional art form of Gujarat. This art is created with the use of brilliant rich colors to give it a bright clarity. Log in this site and see some beautiful and eye catching works of glass painting in display. To buy any items that are on show, you can place an online order through this site.


Glass painting is the most popular art form in Gujarat. Explore some perfect works of glass painting done in bright hues with the help of this site. Know from this site all about the various types of glass paintings in India.


The most prominent form of art among Gujarati paintings is glass painting. This decorative art form is widely used for various purposes in present days. Know from this site all about the history and types of glass paintings done in India. Update and enrich your knowledge from this site.


Glass painting originated in Gujarat in the beginning of 18th century. Starting as a local traditional art form, glass painting is used in present age as a decorative form for various purposes. Explore this site and you will get to see an online gallery with wide variety of glass paintings. You can choose from these paintings according to your choice and place online purchase order through this site.


Paintings of decorative motifs on terracotta pots and clay made items are also very popular in the state of Gujarat. Know about this art of paintings in brief and compressed manner with the help of this site.


The Kalampari art of Gujarat that is practised in Chitara community of Ahmedabad, is a piece of treasure of art. Enhance your knowledge on this type of painting of Gujarat with the help of this site. You can also place online queries about this painting through this site.


Kalampari paintings are an ancient art of India, specially in Gujarat. This art uses print and paint on fabric to create the artistic effect. Experience with the help of this site some beautiful works of Kalampari paintings. Place an order for the paintings on display through this site if you feel like buying.

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