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Literally the term 'illustrations' can be defined as any kind of visualization such as painting, drawing or photograph or other kind of art form that depicts or elaborates a story or a particular story poem of textual information. However nowadays illustrations include a large gamut of things. They include pictures on web which enhance or illustrate web documents. Development of technology and computer softwares like Adobe Illustrator, Photo shop and CorelIDraw enable modern illustrators to draw much quicker than the traditional methods of illustration. The term illustration also includes the medical drawings and illustrations which elucidate medical books and journals. The drawing by fashion designers which delineate their creative idea of fashion garments fall under the purview of fashion illustrations. So the term illustration nowadays is not merely confined to illustration of books but carries with it a wide gamut of connotations.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illustrations (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illustrations )

This site provides you with erudite discourse on illustrations. It not only gives a lucid definition of the term illustration but also harps on the early history of illustrations. It also stresses on the recent sea change in the world of illustration that has taken place with the development of softwares like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which enable illustrator to draw pictures with the help of computer technology. Hence in recent years the modern illustration students are taught how to use the modern illustration softwares as well traditional illustration technique.


Today there is a huge interest among people for collecting original works of art that was used as illustration in books, magazines or posters. So illustrations not only elaborate a document they have individual aesthetic value as well. These illustrations on the Life of Mahatma Gandhi belong to this group of illustrations which can be the proud possession of any connoisseur of art.

www.ignca.nic.in/rare003.htm (www.ignca.nic.in/rare003.htm )

This is a delightful site for those who are interested in collecting rare books with exquisite illustrations. This site enlists some rare books from Pre-Independence era which contain some rare illustrations. You can not merely know about these books from this website but you can see some of these illustrations too from this site.

(www.hindu.com/thehindu/2000/11/18/stories/13181101.htm )

This newspaper article elucidates how the enchanting illustrations in children's story books enhance their appeal manifold and create a niche in the hearts of young readers. These illustrations have a magic touch because the cute illustration in the children's fairy tales or other story books enables them to visualize and understand the story better. It informs us that illustrating children's books is a challenging field since these illustrations should be aesthetically appealing as well as educative.

www.nextwavemultimedia.com/html/illustration1-311005.htm (www.nextwavemultimedia.com/html/illustration1-311005.htm )

This is a site which could be useful for someone who is looking for a reputable agency doing digital illustration and 3D illustration on the web. The skillful team at Nextwave is dedicated to creating illustrations that are impressive, appealing and possesses a distinguishing quality.

www.dci.in/portfolio/graphic_design_illustrations.asp (www.dci.in/portfolio/graphic_design_illustrations.asp )

This site provides you with a set of web illustration of some cartoon character which you can procure for your website. These colorful illustrations are truly hilarious and will enhance the appeal of any web document.


This site claims that Medical illustration or medical graphics is not a new concept. Depiction of human body through art has existed since times immemorial. But in present times medical graphics or medical illustrations form an integral part of teaching medical student as well as patients. They are also used by research agencies and sometimes in resolving some legal issues which are medical in nature. That is why medical graphics and illustration are in great demand today in various fields.

(www.deccanherald.com/deccanherald/nov302006/dheducation14543820061129.asp )

This article provided in this particular site eulogizes the profession of medical illustrators. It claims that the field of medical illustration has been ranked as one of the top ten promising careers for the year 2007. Indian medical illustrators have more cause to be jubilant since India is fast emerging as and outsourcing hub for medical illustration. However you should have a thorough knowledge of biological sciences, understanding of human anatomy and the ability to draw clear visuals using this knowledge in order to be a successful medical illustrator.

(www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/mp/2006/02/18/stories/2006021802290400.htm )

This interesting newspaper article tries to delineate the history of fashion illustration as it has evolved through the years. In 1908, a collection of Fashion illustration was published by Poirot in Paris which played a remarkable role in raising the statues of 'haute couture'. This is an interesting article for those who are interested in taking up a career of a fashion illustrator.


This is just the site for you if you are interested in being a part of the glamorous world of fashion illustrators. This site gives you all the details you need to pursue a course in Fashion illustration. It provides the course syllabus and also gives you an inquiry form where you can vent your queries regarding this course.

Explore the different fields of illustration through this page which informs you about book illustrations, web illustrations, medical illustrations and fashion illustrations.

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