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Indian Painters

India secures its place among the most culturally rich and aesthetically developed countries of the world because of its glorious tradition of art, painting, literature, music and almost all the other forms of fine art. Art forms the bedrock of Indian culture and ancient documents on Indian art evidences the love and creativity of its painters. India may have progressed a lot in science and technology, but the love for art and creativity still persists in the hearts of almost all Indians. India can boast of a long list of some great painters even today and a tour of these sites will help you know about the Indian painters and their works more explicitly.


Want to be acquainted with the present day painters of India? Log on to this site and you will be provided with the list of artists directory of India. Get to know the names of artists and read about their creations through this site. You can also purchase any artwork you want to through the displays in this site.


India is a country which loves and adores its artists. The list of Indian artists who have reached the pinnacle of glory is therefore fairly long. Know something about them and enrich your knowledge of art by visiting this site which profiles the best of Indian artistic talent.


Want to know about contemporary artists who have made a name for themselves in the field of art? Drop in at this site and get introduced to the best Indian painters who make headlines almost every day and do not leave till you know them like the back of your hand.


Indian painters are a rare breed.They showcase their talent and imagination through beautiful works of color, light and shade. This site gives you a fair idea about the painters and their exploits. Apart from that, there are profiles of a selected list of some of the best painters such as Jamini Roy, M.F. Hussain and some other eminent painters.


This site gives you an exhaustive list of all the contemporary Indian painters. You also get a golden opportunity to savor an unique collection of paintings by each of the artists listed in this site. A must visit for you to know more about Indian painters.


Must have heard of M.F. Husain and his renowned paintings?Want to know about the man who gave art a new form and style? Log on to this site and you will gather updated and detailed information on M.F. Hussain.Your search on this maverick genius should end here.


A one- stop destination for you in case you are scouting for information on Indian art and artists. You get to choose your favorite artist from the list available in this site and then feast your eyes on the current and past paintings, exhibitions, available works and more. Experience a new feel in this creative world of art.

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