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Indian Paintings

Indian painting is considered the mirror to the country's rich culture and heritage. Through these paintings, the painters give vent to their thoughts and expressions. Indian painting is known worldwide for its authenticity and uniqueness. Indian painting is of various types such as patachitra, silk painting, glass painting, Tanjore painting, marble painting and more. Indian painting is in high demand among the people of west. These sites on Indian paintings will help you gather knowledge about the topic: Indian paintings.


An one stop site for you to know all you want about Indian paintings. Know about the Pre-historic rock art, Mysore traditional paintings, Dakhini miniatures, Lepkashi painting, Jamini Roy and more with the help of this site. Also know about the Indian schools of art and the famous artists of India.


A very handy and useful site for you if you are searching for an intro on Indian paintings and its various forms. This site gives you information on twenty seven forms of paintings prevalent in India. Enhance your knowledge about all these painting style with the help of this site.


Religion forms the most important thing in our society till date. Religious paintings therefore has its demand from ancient time to present age. Visit this site and know about this style of art as well as the other forms such as glass painting, Tanjore painting, marble painting, silk painting, patachitra and more.


Tanjore art is an ancient form of painting that still holds high demand in present days also. Know from this site about the style of tanjore painting and its specialties. Through this site you can contact the company “Crafts India” for purchase of original oil paintings.


India is the country renowned for its art and craft throughout the world. To know all about the paintings and its types, log in this site. You get samples of paintings of different types such as folk art painting, miniature painting, glass painting, batik painting and more.


If you want to know about the history of Indian paintings and their various painting crafts, visit this site. This site provides you with detailed updated information on the Indian arts from ancient age to today. So, enhance and uplift your knowledge from this site.


Tanjore painting is one of the most beautiful and creative form of Indian paintings. To know about this art form, and experience some amazing picture of tanjore painting, log in this site. You get to see a wide variety of tanjore painting from this site. Feel the art of creativity of Indian paintings through this site.


A thorough site for you to know about the various subjects of art used in Indian paintings since past days till today. An online gallery of this site introduces you to some of the best paintings on the various subjects of art. Explore and experience the beauty and creativity involved in Indian paintings.


Patachitra art form is a very old Indian style of painting. Mention of this type of painting is found in ancient books, revealing its importance and significance in Indian culture. Log in this site and feel the essence of patachitra art.


Visit this site's online gallery to view some really good work of paintings. It offers a huge collection of Indian painting to choose from. If you want to order for any painting, this site allows you the facility to place online order. You get all relevant information on the paintings, its prices and more from this site.

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