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Paper Sketches

A sketch is usually defined as a hastily executed drawing that is often an amalgamation of overlapping lines. Paper sketches usually refer to any kind of sketches done on paper. Sketches like pencil sketches or charcoal sketches done one paper have their various advantages too. Sketching is inexpensive and they allow the artist to try out different creative ideas before he can commit to an expensive and time consuming oil painting or fresco. Dry media like pencils, pastels or crayons and charcoal and pen and ink are often the more popular medium of doing sketches on paper. However, some artists opine that a quickly done water color study can also be considered a 'sketch'. During the Renaissance, a period when graphite pencils were not available, the artists used to make paper sketches using a silver stylus on specially made paper know as silver point. The results were strikingly similar to modern pencil, charcoal or pen and ink sketches done on paper.


This site eulogizes the art of pencil sketching. Through this site a person who apparently claims to have been disinterested in drawing and sketching throughout his school days, chronicles his attempts at sketching. This site provides you with some beautifully executed pencil sketches which bears testimony to the skill of this humble artist.


The informative article provided in this site regales you with a gamut of information on pencil sketches. Here you get to know a lucid distinction between drawings and sketches. According to this site, drawings begin and end in a structured form. Usually one speaks of pencil drawing in the fields of engineering and architecture. Sketches on the other hand refer to imaginative sketches on paper. One of the greatest examples of sketching are the cartoons that are created in the field of animation.


This is an erudite discourse on sketches which are usually done on paper using various dry mediums like charcoal, pencil, pastels and some times wet mediums like pen and ink. The sketch books belonging to the great painters Leonardo da Vinci and Edgar Degas are one of finest examples where the preliminary sketches done by famous artists has become coveted objects of art in their own right. The ability to quickly sketch or record impressions on paper testifies to skills of the artist. In popular tourist areas we often find artiste who sketch portrait within minutes.


The article provided in this site informs all art lovers of the fact that on the occasion of 400th birth anniversary of Rembrandt, the great Dutch artist, Louvre Museum in Paris is holding an exhibition of his famous ink and chalk sketches. This site also tells you how to determine the authenticity of true Rembrandt sketches. A delightful article for art enthusiasts!


This newspaper article sings a paean of a budding young artist. The young artist Mrinal Mondal displays in his art exhibition a mesmerizing array of pencil sketches. He uses the pencil with the dexterity and delicacy of a paintbrush. Though his pencil sketches are predominantly of gray color that color is not a monotone, rather they display beautiful shades and nuances which bring these sketches alive.


This is a site which provides you with the opportunity to buy some exquisite pencil sketches done by talented Indian artist. These sketches in this site demonstrate the artists' creative vigor and keen eye for detail which makes these sketches collector’s item. So, if you are into collecting delicate and charming pieces of art go ahead and visit this site to buy some of these sketches which could be the proud possession of your home.


This delightful site displays a gamut of charcoal and pencil sketches which are nearly perfect and bear life like resemblance to the actual people whose portraits are provided here. These dainty works of art also include a beautiful charcoal sketch of famous poet Rabindranath Tagore. These sketches are of different variety, some are made with black charcoal and some with brown ones while some are delicate pencil sketches.


This is a site to behold for people who are into pencil sketches. This site provides some delightful sketches of Bodhgaya temple. These charming pencil sketches testify the skill and craftsmanship of the artist who has brought alive the Bodhgaya temple with some mere strokes of a pencil.

www.activecanvas.in/CourseCalendar.aspx?studio=2 (www.activecanvas.in/CourseCalendar.aspx?studio=2 )

This is just the site for you if you are interested in taking an art course. This site delineates information on various painting and drawing courses that you can avail. Among these are courses on pencil sketching for people who are fifteen or above. The students who enroll themselves for this sketching course will be introduced to the basic tenets of drawing, sketching, shading techniques and object definition. They will be taught to make pencil, charcoal and pastel sketches on paper.


This site gives the review of a book called “Sketches, Scribbles and Drawings' written by K. G. Subramanyan who is widely recognized as one of India's major artists. This book on sketches will endow you with a wide range of information on sketching. This volume by K.G. Subramanyam not only elucidates his views on sketches but also contains his early sketches form 1968 onward. These sketches include sketches of nature and figure studies as well. The volume opens with an erudite introduction by Subramanyam who reflects on the importance and purpose of these sketches.

Search through this page for information on various types of sketches which include pencil sketches, charcoal sketches and pen and ink sketches done on paper.

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