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Rajasthani Paintings

Rajasthan is a state of bright colors and celebration. The painting of Rajasthan bears witness to the zeal and Úlan of the people of Rajasthan. It throws light on the royal heritage of ancient Rajasthan. Various schools of paintings are cultivated and practiced in Rajasthan such as phad paintings, miniature paintings, kajali paintings, gemstone paintings and more. If you want to drink the elixir of the Indian ethos, Rajasthani paintings will be your glass of toast. The grandiose, the variety and the assortment of hues, where else do you find such a magnificent combination? Once you enter the domain of eye-candy painting specimens, you are sure to get overwhelmed. These 10 sites are to help you with adequate information on the Rajasthani paintings.


Visit this site and experience an example of art of beauty. The Rajasthani painting displayed in this site is a work of supreme effort of creativity. Log in this site and witness the artistry of Indian art forms.


Rajasthani cloth painting is an ancient art form that is sure to attract you. Log in this site and view some wonderful samples of Rajasthani cloth paintings on display in this site. Online order facility is available in this site if you wish to place a quote for any painting.


Know about the famous phad painting of Rajasthan with the help of this site. This site provides you with updated and organized information on the cloth painting of Rajasthani that is better known as phad painting.


Rajasthan is one of the royal states of India. Paintings of Rajasthan are a treasure that dates back to ancient times. It throws light on the history and culture of India in past age. Know about Rajasthani paintings in details from this site. You will get answers to all your questions on Rajasthani paintings from this site.


Rajasthani paintings are well known for its distinctive features of composition. To know all about Rajasthani painting, here is another site providing you with thorough up dated info to enhance your knowledge.


Interested in Rajasthani form of painting? Know about Rajasthani paintings in short and precise manner with the help of this site. Apart from that, also view some beautiful paintings of Rajasthan through this site.


Rajasthan is the state significant for bright colors and festivals. Paintings of this state are unparalleled, colorful and artistic. Several schools of art flourished in Rajasthan from ancient times. To know all about these schools of paintings of Rajasthan, log in this site is a must.


Bright colors and hues are always associated with the state of Rajasthan. The paintings of Rajasthan also manifest the vibrant use of colors for expression of thoughts and ideas. Log in and get the feel of true colors of Rajasthani paintings with the help of this site.

www.rajasthanheritage.com/paintings.asp(www.rajasthanheritage.com/paintings.asp )

Rajasthan is famous for various schools of paintings. No other state of India cultivates such various varieties of painting forms. Click on this site to know about the various forms of paintings practiced in Rajasthan such as phad painting, miniature paintings, kajali paintings, gemstone paintings and more.


Rajputs form a major part of the state of Rajasthan. Hence Rajput paintings have become an important and accepted part of Rajasthani painting. To know about the Rajput paintings of Rajasthan, log in this site. Enrich and enhance your knowledge with the aid of this site.

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