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Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore painting is the quintessential product of Thanjavoor, the capital of Chola Empire. It got its name from the reference of the place of its origin, Thanjavoor. The school of Tanjore painting dates back to the 16th century. Apart from being great warriors, the Chola rulers were great lovers of art. During their reign, the Tanjore painting flourished and is therefore considered as a traditional art form of South India. With their multifarious shades and ubiquitous entity, tanjore painting have been inviting crowd for aeons of ages. With the help of the following sites you will get detailed and updated information on Tanjore painting. www.thanjavurpaintings.com/abouttp.html (www.thanjavurpaintings.com/abouttp.html )

Thanjavur painting, better known as Tanjore painting, was the art of the Marathas in the 16th century. These colorful paintings of Gods and Goddesses are still practiced among artists of south India. Here's a fabulous site for you if you want to enrich and uplift your knowledge on Tanjore painting thoroughly. Click on this site and you will get adequate information on Tanjore paintings.


This is a one stop site for you to know all about the famous traditional art of south India. Visit this site and you will receive enough relevant detailed info on Tanjore painting to enrich and absorb your thirst of knowledge on this topic.


Tanjore art is a traditional art that highlights mainly religious depictions. These paintings are used to decorate residence, houses and corporate offices. Tanjore paintings are also used as gift items for weddings and special occasions. To know about Tanjore painting and its heritage, visit this site. You will be catered with adequate information on Tanjore paintings. Also see the online gallery of this site that has a wide variety of Tanjore paintings on display.


Interested to know about the art of Tanjore paintings? Then you must visit this site. Here you will get the step by step guidance on how to make Tanjore paintings and what equipments are used. You can also visit the gallery of this site to view some fabulous works of Tanjore paintings on show.


Explore some beautiful aesthetic works of art in Tanjore painting with the help of this site. The paintings on display in this site are all stunning works of beauty. You can place an online order for any painting that you like from the gallery of this site.


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Tanjore painting is a traditional art of south India. Tanjore paintings are famous for its various themes of religious portrayals. This site will help you to know about the historical perspective of Tanjore paintings.

www.kerala-tourism.net/tamilnadu/tanjore-paintings.html(www.kerala-tourism.net/tamilnadu/tanjore-paintings.html )

South India is famous for its traditional beautiful art of Tanjore paintings. This site gives you adequate information on history of the Tanjore art, creation of the painting and themes of Tanjore paintings. Enhance and enrich your knowledge on Tanjore paintings by clicking on this site.


Tanjore paintings depicting various pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are ideal gifts for occasions such as wedding party and Diwali. If you wish to buy Tanjore paintings, log in this site and you will be received with a huge collection of Tanjore paintingthat you can buy from.

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