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Paper Bags

Paper bags are gradually replacing the plastic bags from the market in India. Plastic bags are cheap but they cause much destruction to the environment. For this reason more and more companies in India are offering paper bags to their customers for carrying purpose. Paper bags look more attractive and they come in a variety of shapes, size, colour and design. Paper bags are preferred more today because it makes a style statement and adds to your appearance. In addition to that, paper bags can carry a lot more weight than plastic bags. To obtain information on paper bags you can visit the following list of sites.

alpaperhouse.com (www.alpaperhouse.com/carrybags.htm)

A.L. Paper House is an award winning company in paper related products including paper bags. It brings to you the best quality paper bags available in the market. A leading company in the manufacturing of paper bag, it offers you exclusively designed paper bags that come with many shape, size pattern and design. A.L. Paper house produces eco-friendly, tree-free, acid free, and handcrafted paper bags. Visit this site and move towards a more eco-friendly option.

creativebags.com (www.creativebags.com/)

It is high time when you should switch to paper bags from plastic bags. Now is the time to say no to plastic bags. It is true that plastic bags are very convenient and cheap but the continuous use of plastic bags has caused environmental pollution to a threatening rate. Here, is a site that discusses the threats involved in the continuous use of plastic bags and why you should switch to paper bags. The site contains other sections related to paper bags like where such readymade paper bags are available, marketing of these bags, about pollution caused by plastic bags and what you can do about it.

paper-star.net (www.paper-star.net/handmade-paper-bags.html )

Paper Star offers you a wide array of paper bags which you can view in their website. Sturdy cord, endurable paper quality and excellent craftsmanship are trademarks of the paper bags available here. It offers a wide range of paper bags that comes in floral, leather, mottled, or any other types of patterns and design. The company produces all types of bags that will suite your need and purpose of different occasion. The entire catalog can be seen in this site.

paperbags.in (www.paperbags.in/)

Shopping has become synonymous with bags. But in India mostly plastic bags are used. This increasing use of plastic bags has caused environmental pollution to such an extent that it has become a threat to the world. A new awareness has been created to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. Kagazkaar has evolved into a global paper bag producer from a small time handmade paper bag maker. The company has created bags for sportswear outlets, garment retailer, pharmacies, gift shops and many more. View the wide range of paper bag collection of the company from this website.

handmadepaper.com (www.handmadepaper.com/handmade-paper-bags.htm)

This company, in its continuous effort, has tried to reach and capture the untapped market. But in doing so, it never compromised with the quality of its products. The company has expanded its market through promos, fairs, and trade shows. In addition to that the website is an exponent in its effort to reach to the global market. You will avail all relevant facts and details about the company through this website.

indiamart.com/helpersindia (www.indiamart.com/helpersindia/)

The Company 'Helpers India ' was established in the year 1995 and now it is a leading company in manufacturing and supplying paper bags. The company puts maximum emphasis in the quality of the paper bags and makes continuous effort to improve the quality of the paper bags in order to satisfy their customers. Attractive looking paper bags are made by the company which will suit your every need and occasion. All products manufactured by the company are shown in a catalog in the site.

tajpapers.com (www.tajpapers.com/bages.html)

Paper bags have become the way of the modern world. It is Eco-friendly and attractive as well. 'Salim's Paper' is a company for hand made paper and board industries and paper bags is its specialty. It produces a large variety gift bags or paper bags with different style, size, and design. You can see the online catalog of paper bags along with its description, item code, and price range.

ecofriendlypackaging.com (www.ecofriendlypackaging.com/institute.html)

Environment abuse due to the increasing use of plastic bags has become a serious concern for India. Tao media Institute was established in the year 1999 with an intention to eradicate plastic bags and to replace it with paper bags. One interesting fact about the Tao institute is that it makes paper bags by the process of recycling and reprocessing of waste papers. Tao media is a pioneer in the production of paper bags out of waste papers. For more information on this institute, visit this site.

bizcominteractive.com(www.bizcominteractive.com/bagsmiths/product.html )

This is a company that offers you 100% environment-friendly paper bags in all conceivable shape, size, colour and design. The purpose of carry bags is to carry various articles during shopping. The purpose of the carry bags have remained same but nowadays more and more paper bags are used for its Eco -friendly nature. This company provides an array of different paper bags for different purposes. If you want to be well informed about the company and its paper bag products then come to the official website of this company.


The paper bags are Eco-friendly and can carry more weight than plastic bags. In addition to that paper bags can add to your style because of its chic look, design and pattern. 'Nature Design Concepts' produces bags that come in both gloss and matte papers and these bags are made up of coated paper that gives its paper bags a premium look. Find out more about this company from this site.

The above list of sites will provide you information on paper bags.

If you are still hungry for more information please visit www.bestindiansites.com