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Parallel Computing

Parallel computing refers to the concurrent carrying out of the same task on various processors to get outputs more quickly. It can also be called multitasking. In this cyber age when multitasking is a common thing, parallel computing is bound to receive an influx. Parallel computing, better known as parallel processing, is popular because everyone wants to solve complicated problems by performing multitasking. Doing greater and multiple feats in lesser time has become the order of the day. So parallel computing is in great demand. www.bestindiansites.com chooses a few of the most useful and well-accepted websites just for you.
Feel free to ram up the links to know, to see and to learn how to do multiprocessing or parallel computing.


The students of computer science, who need to scramble up for accurate and extensive details, often don't find relevant results. It won't happen here. You will get an incisive view of the parallel computing system. This is a better cup for the professionals though. They will get more by reading up this mathematically explained article. So enjoy the time reading productive articles.


A book on parallel computing this is the USP of this website. No, definitely not an e-book. But an online text. Name any topic on parallel computing and multiprocessing, you will end up seeing it here. Just click on to get a full-swing lesson. The explanation is backed by modular illustrations. If you are searching for study material, browse through and take down the details. It is sure to meet your requirement.


Searching for a place where you can get a technical coaching on grid computing? Answers.com answers your query for the technical know-how of parallel processing. Know quite a lot from this compilation of articles. Links are provided for cross references. Moreover, wikipedia and encyclopedia joins up hands to open up the pool of knowledge on grid computing. A range of bibliography is enlisted so that you can look them up if you need to. A table-full of related topics from hardware to software to programming to coordination to problems of grid computing are jotted down vividly.


If you are eager to learn operating and computing on multiprocessors from a proper school, just go nowhere else but here. They are the breeding grounds of parallel computing and application professionals. Come here to catch a good glimpse into the directory of course materials. Get the detailed lecture notes of the teaching faculty online. Be informed on disaster management and high performance computing. Surf the links at your free will to know what you want to know.

eprints.iisc.ernet.in(eprints.iisc.ernet.in/archive/00005016/ )

This online repository of IISc research papers discusses the latest trend of adopting distributed and parallel computing in application manufacturing. DPAC provides you with the set up and executional platform of parallel computing framework which works on the Internet. Read up more excerpts of the book before you decide to download the complete text of the book. Don't refrain yourself from clicking on the following link.

jncasr.ac.in(www.jncasr.ac.in/parallel/dilip/hpf_2003.htm )

This one is exclusively for the geeks of computing. Feed your brain with some serious stuffs like Parallelized laser pulse propagation code, Parallel execution of atmospheric radiative transfer code and Parallelizing relativistic atomic structure code. Find density matrix equations tracing the evolution of the atomic states, Maxwell equations describing the evolution of the laser field within the atomic medium, schematic of the CPU and memory management and a number of other research works to enhance your knowledge of parallel computing using open-mp and MPI.

bits-pilani.ac.in (www.bits-pilani.ac.in:12356/faculty/muralip/old_courses/parallel/pc.htm)

Have you ever dreamed of learning parallel computing sitting from your home without having to spend anything? Just visit this site once to savor this feeling to your heart's content. They provide virtual lab sessions to provide you with the thorough exposure into real time parallel computing. The lab programs include introduction to MPI, inter-process communication, group communication, sending blocks of data, user-defined data types, communicators and groups and process topologies and Cartesian structures. Click on the following link to know more.

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