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India has had an influx of period movements. The history of India reveals the landmark movements of all genres. Historyís devotees and students are always on the tenterhooks looking for relevant information, study material or a sketch of the diverse patterns of period movements. A list of websites exploring the different facets and paradigms of historical movements is given below. These links will take you a step closer to the needed and useful sources of materials. So you donít have to spend hours searching for the right website that suits your demand.


A nail-to-toe analysis of the Indian historical movements is scooped out for the information seekers. In-depth examination of the movements from ancient India to Mughal India to British India to the events marking the modern, independent India is laid down. Research material can also be availed. For more detailed reports you can search up Manas and zero in on the topic.


In the modern day India religion has achieved a new dimension. This website makes an attempt to cram information about the contemporary religious movements. The religious movements that are doing its rounds these days are multi-faceted and manifold. Know all you need to know and remain updated with power-packed knowledge.


This website is a digital archive of the records, sources and documents of labor history. A unique feature of this online repository of labor related documents is the collage of historical and contemporary records. So those who want a historical background of contemporary labor events or those who want contemporary angle to the historical occurrence can venture this site.


The agro movements of India had a mammoth hand in shaping the India of today. Aspirants who want to accumulate vital information and resource on the agro movement can stop by this website. Resource.tripod.com provides exhaustive and extensive data on the gritty details of Indian agro movement.


This is your web directory for period and movement. Find arts, games, news, science, recreation and more right here. Take a look at all the sites listed here or you may also list your site here if you have one. Take a look now and find out more.


This web directory on period and movement will give you comprehensive information on arts, entertainment, sports and a lot of other topics. All you have to do is click on and find out more. Find out about what technology has to offer us and more.


Read all about the social movements in the south empowering the people. If you believe in the diversity of the periods and movements, read on. Study with the contributors the new generations of social movement in the south which seek to transform the lives of the poor.


Bangalore has been in the news for its social movements also. Besides being the IT capital of India, it also takes active part in social services like creative programmes for the under privileged kids, runaway street boys and orphans. This is also attracting foreigners from different parts of the world and from different walks of life to volunteer. Read on to know more about the contribution of Bangalore to the periods and movements in Bangalore.


Articulating new survival strategies and forming new methods of resistance, grassroots mobilizations are transforming and institutionalizing themselves. Read all about peasant movements in post-colonial India. This is the central concern of the book. You can order for your books from the site. Find out the list of reports on books from here.

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