Best Photography Websites

Best Photography Websites
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Capturing moments during an occasion or get together or while traveling helps people remember the beautiful times of life. This has become simpler with hundreds of digital cameras and camera-mobile phones available in the market. There are many websites in the internet that give you information for taking better photos and inspires you with good resources and tips.

The word 'photography' was coined from the Greek pair of words photos (=light) and graphis (=drawing), thus assuming the sense 'drawing with light'. Photography refers to the action of recording pictures by dint of capturing light on a light-responsive medium like film or sensor. Beams of light that come out of the object are exposed to a hyper-responsive chemical or electronic medium for a length of time, generally through a photographic lens installed inside a device called 'camera' that chemically or electronically stores the ensuing output. Photography can be classified into two major divisions – film photography and digital photography. Based on the difference of output, there can be two other categorizations as well – black-and-white photography and color photography. Get to know more about this photography by visiting the following sites.

Better Photography (

This is the best photography sites in India, followed by photographers and photography lovers. It is an online (and offline) magazine with reviews of cameras, lenses, gear and software, interviews of professional photographers, history behind the best photographs, and tips and techniques for photography.

Photo Safari India (

This is the best wildlife photography site in India, which has description of photo tours, stock photos and a gallery of photographs taken during the trips. The site organizes photo tours for professional and amateur photographers in selective Indian destinations. It also has an Articles tab that discusses photography techniques and tips.

Indian Institute of Photography

This website is about a photography institute in India. It offers beginner to advanced level courses in digital and professional photography. It also has different sections explaining tips and articles for photography of different things like food, wild life and architecture, using the phone camera, and method of cleaning the photography equipments.

Shutter Monks (

This is one of the top photography sites with over 9000 followers in a social networking site. It has tutorials, guides and advices for photographing varied elements like audience during a sporting event, players during a game, city, nature and fireworks. The site also has articles for understanding camera lenses, angles, exposure, composition, post production of photos etc.

Canon (

Canon is one of the most popular cameras in India. This site has a section that caters to people who own a Canon camera. It provides advices as to how to use the different cameras, tips for getting the best shots at night, in the day and in the indoor setting and ways to clean and take care of the equipments.  

Nikon (

Nikon is another favorite camera brand in India. The site’s Learn & Explore tab has a section, named Photography Tutorials. It has guides on the basics of using your Nikon camera. The section has several sub sections including shooting tips & techniques, fundamentals of photography and capturing photos of different occasions, pets, people and nature.

Kodak (

Another popular camera brand in India, Kodak has a “Tips & Projects Center” in the site helping people with their photography. Its “Tip of the Month” section has advices as to how to take photographs of kids and at night. The site also has a blog that shares ideas for photography of different things.

121 Clicks (

121 Clicks is one of the top photography websites. It has an extensive research for photographers, including articles, details of professionals, interviews, photo stories, reviews and photography tutorials. The most popular articles here are Holi Photographs, Indian Street Photography, and Art of Composition in Photography.

Best Photo Lessons (

If you wish to learn photography online, this is a great website for you. It has lessons for various aspects of photography like exposure, shutter effects, balance, depth of field and intent. You can also browse through various articles including about light, camera basics, photographing fireworks and close up photography.

Digital Photography Shots (

This website is for digital photography lovers. It has lots of articles giving digi-photography ideas and tips for taking different kind of photos like of babies, portraits, small things, landscapes and even during weddings. Its large collection of quality photographs taken digitally or through a camera phone can be quite awe inspiring.

Some other sites for Photogaphy:

Have an eye to feel for the bounteous beauty that are there everywhere around you, even in apparently trivial and insignificant figures? If you think so, don't miss the opportunity to latch onto the services provided by this site. Deep down in your heart, if you nurture an incoherent dream of becoming a professional or amateur photographer someday, or in case you just want to enjoy the soothing world of photography, take a tour with . The site goes about the business in a dual approach – Expressions and Services. Under the 'Expression' category it showcases gifted Indian photographers, cinematographers, artists and creative professionals from other fields. Under the 'Services' category, you can indulge in a whopping lot of activities such as setting up a photo album on the internet, sending E-cards and so on and so forth. Do click on the links to check out related topics. (

Rishi Bajpai is going to share with you his resplendent album of Indian Wildlife & Nature Photos. You will find related links to the left of your screen. The photo gallery consists of the pictures of Mammals, Birds, Nature and loads of miscellaneous photos. You can even buy CDs or digital prints of the photos if you wish. Visit this site and stock in all the fun and excitement. (

The Times Journal of Photography brings to you Port Folio, TJP Exclusive, On Films and TJP Special. Also glide through the related topics like 'Behind the Lens', 'Photoexclusive', 'Camera Review' and 'Hotshot'. You will undoubtedly have a gala time cruising through this portal. (

Capture and treasure the dangerously beautiful instances of Indian wildlife only with Popular India. Avail yourself the unique opportunity of viewing the popular tours and safaris from all across India. Explore the length and breadth of India by embarking on a tour of the entire country. The portal also offers online tour booking facilities. (

Take a look at one of the largest database of wildlife photography as well as on Indian and Asian Natural history. This site gives you the option to find reviews and interviews and lets you manage and plan your traveling across India better. If you are a budding photographer, do follow 'Tips on Wildlife Photography' to enhance your skills. (

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” -Ansel Adams This famous quote made by Ansel Adams just about sums up the views Photography Club wants to share with you. It's an active bunch of passionate and promising photographers who excel well as a team. They also arrange for national level photography competitions to encourage amateur and professional photographers. (

An outstanding piece of information for you in case you are aspiring to learn photography but not sure how to approach this creative practice in the best possible manner. Indiatimes Learning sheds light on an overall idea about photography – its origin, its technical attributes and the common problems an amateur photographer faces while learning the tricks of the trade. (

Welcome to the enchanting world of photography. Advance your knowledge of photography by glancing through the latest views on photography presented on this portal. Take an in-depth look at the reviews; participate in the contests and check-out transcripts of some interviews. You will have an amazing time going through the critiques pertaining to the art and science of photography - all these are simply a click away. (

Do you love hoarding photos? Check-into this portal; here you will get a comprehensive collection of photographs that has been collected from many different spheres. Take a look at the different types of photographs. Learn about the different processes of photography. Here you can also purchase images and photographs that have been snapped by well-renowned photographers. Don’t forget to take a virtual tour of the “museum of vernacular photography”.

Is it necessary to introduce photography as a subject in the school curriculum? This portal presents excerpts from the book, ‘The Cultural Dimension of Education’ written by Ravi Chopra. In this book he talks about the benefits of introducing photography in the school curriculum. Introducing visual aids like movies and slides while teaching will undoubtedly make education more fascinating and enjoyable. Enlighten yourself of the advantages of incorporating photography in the school curriculum by going through the main extracts of the book which you will find on this portal.

An Anthology of photography and places in Karnataka (India) This website is an association of photography with places in Karnataka covering places under various categories. The website currently covers over 100 places which can be traversed using interactive map or thumbnails. It also includes sections on discussing photography techniques. The current release supports Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above. The website developed uses XML based data asynchronously using AJAX and integrated with Microsoft Virtual Earth for interactive navigation.

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