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A production house is generally associated with in-house production. It can organize, make or telecast different disciplines of programs encompassing films, ad films, news, multimedia, sports or television shows. India is home to a number of prominent production houses from all the above mentioned disciplines. www.bestindiansites.com enumerates top ten Indian websites on production houses of India, information on production house, list of production houses, television production house, sports production house, film production house, ad film production house, multimedia production house, sports production house and a number of relevant matters


Ever since its inception in 1996, the Chennai and Bangalore based video production house Nextwave Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. has been unfailingly delivering nonpareil services in Internet, web games. Multimedia presentations, animation, E-Learning, Mobile games, video and print. This official India of this premier production house showcases their comprehensive production and post-production services. It has also excelled in making television commercials which are visually attractive and conceptually substantial. It does have a highly qualified team of professionals who program television softwares to meet the customized need of its clients.


This online archival portal hosted by khoj.com scouts for you some useful website links pertaining to preeminent production houses. Read up the brief description of each of the sites to have an idea of its content. Get comprehensive information on film production houses, technical aspects of entertainment media, television serial and commercial production houses, recording and dubbing companies and many more.


Another virtual directory of production houses is at your disposal here. Check out the website links to find interesting topics such as discussion on bollywood movies and creative sphere of television commercial making. If you feel you can contribute with a crdible URL after browsing through the category listing given in the form if hyper links, feel free to do so by providing your valid email id.


News production is an altogether different genre of production, which necessitates fearlessness and solemn commitment to truth. Talking of uncovering the truth, who else can you think of other than Times Now? Non-conformist and unrelenting these two adjectives define Times Now pretty well. Within a very short span of time, they have made their presence felt in no unsure manner. It is brought to you by the Times Global Broadcasting Co. Ltd., a Bennett, Coleman & Co and Reuters service. You will find the Big Stories of the hour, business news, sports update and news,and news from the world of entertainment.


Another major Indian production house given to the cause of reality, New Delhi Television brings you National and International news in an definitive manner. NDTV, with its objective to deliver bona fide news, has made a name for itself in the news and media industry and has a firm foothold among its competitors. Visit their site for the latest news. Curt and neatly presented, their news sense has a universal appeal. They have been in the news and media business for a long time now. This singles them out from the rest. Visit their site to update yourself and find the latest that is happening around the globe.


This site is as trendy and chic as the man who possesses it. It has a rather filmy look about it attracting users all the more. Once you visit this site you are bound to feel compelled to browse and once you are done, find for yourself how masterfully the site is designed to suit your purposes. This site is a must visit for its panache and innovation in dishing out information. Don't miss out on a ravishing expedition.


If you are a bollywood buff hitting up the theaters every Friday to watch your favorite stars in action, it's highly unlikely that you do not harbor enough interest in the works of the undisputed Godfather in Indian cinema. Yash Chopra has been an institution by his own inimitable rights for the past five decades in Indian entertainment industry. The Yash Raj Films is the second largest film production house of the world. Visit this dazzling portal to be able to enjoy the essence of indigenous Indian films. Find movie ratings, audience feedback and movie previews. You are perfectly entitled to download music and other stuffs once you become a member of this site.


As a television production house Etv network has spread its roots not just across the length and breadth of India but also overseas. They just don't come at you they rain in with a thumping number of regional languages like Telegu, Bangla, Marathi, Oriya, Gujarati, Urdu, etc. Their immaculate presentation of news and entertainment in regional dialects enable people to connect to them. Visit the official website of Etv to get an idea of their complete range of services.


At Vinsen World in Goa, foresee your tomorrow's dream today! They are an apex body of creativity working on film production both pre and post; advertisement solutions including designing, copy writing, photography, printing, print publishing, outdoor publishing, print advertising campaigns and ad film campaigns; IT solutions and Travel. Also take a peep into their operational unit named Capricorn Engineering Works. Look into the following link to ascertain yourself further. tensports.com(www.tensports.com/)

Sports in India exercises a tremendous amount of influence among the rank and file. Consequently sports production houses are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere in India. Some of them come and go at the drop of a hat and some last the test of time. Ten Sports is one such production house which is complete by itself. Visit their homepage to get a panoramic view of their activities. Their range of coverage is stupendous from almost religious cricket to the cranky WWE! Find in their site exclusive interviews of top sportspersons, sports updates of the hour, cricket ratings and so on.

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