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Publishing and printing industry in India has developed into a highly competitive field. Believing in a story and publishing it requires a lot of stamina. One book that hits the drains may cost a publisher his money. While on the other hand a hit would definitely mean soaring to the top. Publishers, thus, these days face a lot of competition. Then there are other key members of this industry the printers, binders and paper suppliers who form an indispensable part of the printing and publishing industry. With time and with the advancement of technologies, publishing and printing has become a purse-friendly indulgence. Today, the age is arousing to a new beginning of online publishing and printing which has widened the domain of printing and publishing industry further.


Being one amongst the top publishing houses, Penguin Books has strived to successfully keep up their name and also maintain client relationship at the same time. They have made viewing of their website interesting by introducing contests in the website. The website has a separate corner for children and adults altogether.

Rupapublications.com: (www.rupapublications.com/)

The site gives you a glimpse of the myriad activities at Rupa & Co who are the leading publishing house of India. The site takes you on a tour and focuses on exhibiting the main events at Rupa. It has a search option that allows you to look any particular thing if need be. They also have provisions for the users to subscribe to their newsletter online, send feedbacks, order books, and even publish books with them.


One of India's best known and most respected publishing houses, Orient Longman is consistently emphasizing on quality. Their neatly structured website allows the users to navigate without difficulty. The users can get to know about the organization in details and also get information on how to get a work published if they need to. The site also allows the users to download catalogs hence making it all the more user friendly.


Publishing not merely entails publishing of books. In this high tech age publishing has moved on beyond the purview of print media. If you want you CDs and DVDs to be published this site will provide perfect solution to your needs. They provide services for photo realistic publishing of CDs and DVDs. They also provide comprehensive services to satisfy your DTP needs to. The CDs and DVDs made and published by them are not only fine in quality but have enhanced the life and durability of these too.


Printing and publishing is one of the most prominent industries in India. They include a wide array of people who are involved with this industry like the publishers, the E-publishers, those who own printing presses, traders of printed material, paper suppliers. This site provides you with an all encompassing list of those major players of the printing and publishing industry. So the next time you are hunting for information on this domain just glance through this site.

sagepub.in: (www.sagepub.in/)

Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd has made a mark in the world of publishing with its quality in the areas of social sciences as well as contemporary business books. Its commitment to quality and innovation makes it so popular in its chosen scholarly, educational, and professional markets. Since they pay special attention to their clients and work hard on maintaining a relationship with them they have also tried to make their website as user friendly as possible.


Do you want to publish your work on the internet? This site is custom made to provide you all kind of assistance for the online publication of your works. Be tech savvy and click your way to success by getting your features and works published with the help of this site. This site also enables you to download hordes of magazine clippings and articles. So leave behind the concept of publishing books and embrace the idea of e-publishing with the help of this delightful site.

indianindustry.com:(www.indianindustry.com/publishers/ )

If you want comprehensive information on the printing and publishing industry of India this could be a perfect site for you. This site will furnish you with the names of publishers and printers of India. They also include the list of leading binders. Their list of printers includes diary and calendar printers of India too. So if you need any information on the leading printers and publishers of India just peep into this site


Read literary fiction, science fictions, non-fiction, poetry, astrology, politics and current affairs and so much more at this publisherís. They publish all kinds of books keeping the different tastes of the people in mind. Take a look at their stock and get your favourite book now. The site also tells you about different authors. Read about them here. Interesting, isnít it? Well, go on visit the site.


All budding authors dream of seeing their works published and appreciated. This site could be a tool in your hand to realize your dream if you are a wannabe writer or poet. This is site which is a leader in the arena of e-publishing and strives to create web content which is unmatched in literary quality. They want to channelize individual talent to get publishing products which would woo the readers at once. This is a website which strives to keep up a high watermark of quality in their publishing works.

Get interesting details about the printing and publishing industry of India from the host of websites provided in this web page.

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