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Puppetry is a traditional form of entertainment which has existed from time immemorial. Puppetry as an art form is not only used for providing entertainment to viewers, it is also used to convey meaningful messages. It is usually known as” kathputli ka khel” in India. Puppetry, thus, is a powerful medium of communication. India has a composite and rich heritage in puppetry. There are various types of puppetry shows in India. Some are glove puppets, some are rod puppets, some puppetry shows use string and rod puppets and last but not the least is the shadow puppets. Puppetry shows generally depict different episodes from the famous Indian epics of The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. Puppetry is more popular as a rural folk art than it is in urban areas however nowadays puppetry is getting its due recognition in the cities too. Since puppets are characters and not people puppet shows can be used to spread social message on sensitive issues like family planning, and female literacy.

puppetryindia.org (www.puppetryindia.org/)

This is a delightful site which delineates myriads of information on Indian puppetry. This traditional art form is elaborated upon and its various branches like glove puppetry, string and rod puppetry and shadow puppetry are discussed in detail. This site is a power house of information on puppetry.


This site sings a paean to the traditional art of puppetry in Rajasthan. According to Rajasthani myths puppeteers were traditionally from the wandering community of Bhatts in rural Rajasthan. Over the years puppetry has evolved as a powerful means of communication in Rajasthan and no rural fair or festival is complete without the charm and grace of a puppetry show. However, this ancient art form is gradually losing its mass appeal due to threats from other mass media like radio and television. But Rajasthan government is keen on saving this ancient art and thus it has opened many puppetry theaters in Rajasthan.

ias.ac.in (www.ias.ac.in/currsci/apr252003/976.pdf)

This site underscores the fact that puppetry, though an ancient mode of mass communication, has still not lost its social relevance in this age of technological advancement. This site also informs us that a week long work shop is also being held to train teachers and science communicator facts and technique of the art and craft of puppet making. Puppetry has become accepted as an educational tool because of their value in helping the children develop their personality and creative zing.


This is a site which gives you all the necessary details about the leather puppetry shows of Karnataka. In this southern state of India mainly two varieties of leather puppet shows are existent, one is called “Chikka togalu Gombeyaata” or the small leather puppet show. The other is know as “Dodda Togalu Gombeyaata” which is life sized, larger leather puppet play. This site also harps on the other the various characteristic of the leather puppetry shows of Karnataka.

puppets.in (www.puppets.in/history-of-puppetry.htm )

This is an erudite discourse on the history of puppetry which would interest any puppetry buff. According to chronicles, the tradition of puppetry dates back to thousands of years. Puppetry first flourished in China as “Pi- ying-xi” or the “theater of lantern show”. India, too, has a rich puppetry tradition. Religious depictions in puppetry evolved in Southern in the form of Shadow puppets. These puppets were used to depict characters from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

bangalorebest.com :

Here you will get details of leather puppetry which mainly flourished in the different parts of Karnataka. In the ancient time when the means of mass communication like television, radio or movies were not there, puppetry formed the perfect medium of communicating traditional stories and propagating moral values. The art of leather puppetry is a true triumph of folk art. These leather dolls are usually made by goat hide and are made by the nomadic puppeteers themselves. These leather puppets are in great demand in western countries also.

india-crafts.com :

If you are interested in puppetry this would be a delightful site for you .This site gives a gamut of information on String puppetry form of Rajasthan which are also know as 'kathaputlis'. These hand crafted wooden dolls are not merely colorful decorative pieces but rather they form an integral part of the traditional art of puppetry where an event from history, myth or folklore is narrated with mellifluous music and moving speeches. For the nomadic Bhatt tribe of Rajasthan who are traditional puppeteers these wooden puppets are a form of divinity which provides them with livelihood, peace, activity and joy.

artindia.net :

Puppetry, though an ancient art, is now gradually getting popularity and acclaim in the urban circles of India also. This article bears testimony to this fact. It tells you about the week long international puppetry festival which is being held in Mumbai. Puppetry groups from various countries of the world are taking part in this festival. India is also being represented in this festival by talented puppeteers like Kumara Tirupal from Andhra Pradesh and Geetanjali Kokand from Karnataka.

webindia123.com (www.webindia123.com/punjab/Arts/arts2.htm )

This site brings an informative article on puppetry. It delves into its origin in ancient India and discusses the intrinsic nature of this traditional art form. Puppetry shows are mainly held in the dark because a mystical and intriguing atmosphere is needed for enhancing the charm of these shows which transports one to some mythical world. Puppetry shows are full of well enacted scenes accompanied by beautiful folk songs. Visit this site and regale yourself with myriads of information about Indian puppetry.


This article once again explores the world of leather puppetry in India. This site not only describes the nature and the origin of this art form but also gives you pictorial depiction of some exquisite leather puppets. This form of leather puppetry is mainly prevalent in states of Southern India. These leather puppeteers are know as Killekayathru in Kannada and Tolu Bomlat in Telegu and Pavaikottu in Malayalam. Find more information on leather puppetry for this charming site.

Explore the enchanting world of puppetry with the help of this page.

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