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Puppet shows used to be a famous entertainment in India. For the illiterate masses in villages, puppetries were a medium of propagating social messages and bringing enlightenment among them. But its popularity and acceptance has reduced in the recent years. With the advent of time and technology, puppet shows have lost their glamour. Mostly carried as family tradition by generations, this skill of puppet shows has lost its popularity because of lack of formal training. Moreover, traditional puppeteers are moving to other professions for better living such as crafting items such as wall hangings, lampshades etc. Apart from traditional puppeteers, there are professional puppeteers who have made puppet shows popular abroad. This page is to help you know more about the puppetry artists of India.

http://www.puppetryindia.org/profile.htm (www.puppetryindia.org/profile.htm )

Puppetry used to be a very famous craft and entertainment of ancient India. But with the advent of time and technology, this occupation is vanishing fast. Know from this site about the puppet shows and the puppeteers of India.


Jagdish Chintala is a renowned puppeteer of India. He has received many awards for paper puppet creations and shows. He had given new heights to puppetry shows in India. To know about him and his works, log in this site and enrich your knowledge.


If you are searching for puppeteers in Delhi, this is your best site. Listed in this site are the names of some of the best puppeteers of Delhi. Not only the names, you also get the contact addresses and email addresses of these artists. Log in and acquaint yourself with some famous puppeteers of India.

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