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Real Estate is a static property basically consisting of an area of land with anything attached to it inseparably, like buildings or structures. It is also referred to as real property in some legal jurisdictions. Real estate differs from personal properties such as furniture, money, clothing, etc. with regards to the basic assumption that any type of personal property is movable with the owner of it. The real estate industry in India is making an upward dash nowadays courtesy of urbanization, economic liberalization, customer friendly banking services and influx of international funding. www.bestindiansites.com enumerates for you the top ten Indian websites on the real estate industry of India.

ibef.org (www.ibef.org)

Get to know the history of Indian real estate business from this site hosted by India Brand Equity Foundation. The steady supply of funds has played a major role behind the prosperity of this booming industry in India. Read up the article which is packed with factual information regarding foreign and national investment details, business expansion potentials, major global construction houses looking to cash in on Indian market, etc.

assocham.org/publications (www.assocham.org/publications)

Assocham, an all-inclusive knowledge portal brought to you by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, publishes their seventh edition directory on construction and real estate industry. This directory will take care of the entire ambit of construction and real estate matters incorporating of builders/developers/promoters, construction organizations, banks and other fiscal bodies, software solutions, town planners, building material manufacturers, suppliers, flooring/furnishings, safety and security equipments and a wide range of other topics.

bitscape.co.in (www.bitscape.co.in)

Are you looking forward to find your dream home where you can get the solace you badly need to shrug off the weariness of an humdrum existence? Team up with the best in business. Visit this web portal of Bitscape, a chairing business and technology consulting company from India dedicated to provide you with the best of customized solutions to your specific demands. They excel in devising solution techniques in the domain of real estate too. Their products like CRM, SCM and procurement portals are instrumental in meeting the need of their customers. Visit the site to know further.

icicibank.co (www.icicibank.co)

Commercial Real Estate industry in India is on a high these days thanks to customer-oriented banking facilities. ICICI Bank is always ready to offer a helping hand to any investor who wishes to invest his/her hard-earned bucks into this booming sector. Their crystal clear dealing procedures can only earn your trust while you seek answers to your queries. Some of the services ICICI Bank offers are buying, selling, leasing, valuation, tenant and property searches. They also offer customized funding services to reduce the gap between your desire and purchasing capabilities. So what are you waiting for?

india-news.in (www.india-news.in)

In case your budgetary accommodation is falling short of the actual expenditure, don't get disheartened anymore. You can always seek an alternative option such as renting a well-furnished apartment in some posh locality. Yes, that's what is in vogue these days . The cost-effective market of housing rentals is attracting a lot of attention all over India. This site will show you a number of benefits you would have been otherwise deprived of had you insisted on buying a new home.

narains.com (www.narains.com)

Narains Corp, a Mumbai-based Property Consultants and Realtors, deals with both residential and commercial real estate. They sell properties and also rent them out in cost-effective manner. This website showcases the terms, conditions and other details you would like to know. Their expertise encompasses investment and asset management, finance consultations and infrastructure project consultations. Do find investments options in India, their business partners and an extensive network web across India as well.

khoj.com/Business_and_Economy/Real_Estate (www.khoj.com/Business_and_Economy/Real_Estate)

Getting lost in your endeavor of searching for the cozy four-walls? Just a mere mouse-click may relieve you of your dilemma. Khoj.com archives for you the best sites on real Indian real estate from the nook and corner of the country. No matter what kind of static property you are looking for, this directory will provide you with all the information on commercial and residential real estate industries, consultants, investments, legal administration, etc.

supremedevelopers.com (www.supremedevelopers.com)

Are you the one who prefers to live with panache? If yes, you may feel like taking a serious look at the services Supreme Builders has in store for you. Their hallmark is creating the right sort of ambiance by designing homes and residential complexes. The standard of your lifestyle is bound to take a frog leap once you get in touch with them for the quest of your dream dwelling place. Please note down that currently they are operating at Khar and Bandra and their next target is to capture the market around central suburbs of Mumbai.

search4i.com/616/Business+and+Economy (www.search4i.com/616/Business+and+Economy)

Search for real estate forums to softwares in this virtual archive. Check out the featured websites to give shape to your cherished dream. Do flash a glance at the Ads by Google to find a number of relevant topics such as real 'estate investment', 'estate sale' and 'buy homes'. In case you wish to upload your own URL, feel free to do so since this site provides you with that option too. (

Mug up all the relevant details on the basic concept of real estate, the prospective of this business in an age of urbanization and liberalization in India, the fields which are directly dependent on the real estate industry, the employment avenues to look forward to in near future, the still incoherent market scenario in India and a number of related issues only from this site. Also find the tables mirroring the growth of GDP generated from housing, real estate services and construction. Check out the following link to ascertain yourself with further knowledge.

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