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Indian Television viewing has transformed phenomenally with the rising influx of the reality TV shows. The channels are heading for direct rivalry to procure the highest TRP and they have got hold of a bankable formula to cash in on. The reality TV shows have proved to be the pot of luck for the channel owners. They know that the debonair way of planning and formatting sequences to formulate real life situations recreating high drama on the screen, the high-pulsating tensions, the well sketched repertoires, the spontaneity of emotional outburst are the success secrets behind the escalating popularity of these pumped up shows. The realty TV shows have touched the raw nerves of the psychographics of the Indian viewers. Here you will have an enjoyable ride with bestindiansites.com to have hands on feel of what’s cooking in all the popular Indian reality TV shows going on air.

indianidol.sifymax.com (www.indianidol.sifymax.com)

The Indian subcontinent is divided among the fans of the Indian Idol contestants. This is the 3rd season of this mega reality show. The first two attempts won million of Indian hearts and this show has become a name to reckon in every household. Every girl or boy in the neighbourhood wants to become another Abhijeet Sawant, Amit Sana or Sandip Acharya. Who’s your next Indian idol? Want to vote for your favourite contestant? Watch exclusive, live videos of their performances to help you to judge. Flip through the profiles of the singing sirens and Orpheuses. And don’t forget to watch the photo galleries. http://indianidol.sifymax.com/

kbclive.indya.com (www.kbclive.indya.com)

The big B of Indian reality TV shows, KBC was one of the first events to take the nation off its feet. Piloted by the reel life megastar Amitabh Bacchan, this reality TV show was a spark that urged the people to dream big and real. The KBC dwitiya came back with a brand new host, the baadshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan, and the promise to grant double of what is dreamt of, “ummed se dugna”. Catch up with the updates of KBC. See flashbacks if you have missed out some of the knock out episodes. Look up SRK cornet to manifest the aura of the King Khan. Download cool stuffs.

roadies.mtvindia.com (www.roadies.mtvindia.com)

Dare to be different? Do you have the mettle in you to have name, fame and the ‘roadies’ title punctuated after your name? This is the official website of the MTV roadies, India. Get briefed about the concept of the show, the modus operandi and the stories that made the skeleton of roadies show. Meet this year’s roadies, see what it takes to be one among the champions, discuss and interact with the participants and engross yourself in the fun and fiesta. Have everything your way because the website is so designed with suavity and panache. Cruise with ease while watching one of the choicest reality TV shows on net.

zee-tv.com (www.zee-tv.com)

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is a landmark in singing contests. This show was one of the watermark reality TV shows to have given the otherwise deprived Indian audience a taste of the waters. This is the same show that gifted the music industry with pools of talents like Shreya Ghoshal. With the soaring fame charts, this show has captured the zenith. Sa re ga ma pa challenge 2005 saw the emergence of singing honchos. And this new show in 2007 it has gone global. The ongoing challenge has had the Indians across the globe in the loop. See show recaps, tour up the programme guide and vote for your pet contestants.

starone.indya.com/serials/tgilc/intro.html (www.starone.indya.com/serials/tgilc/intro.html)

How can you let go off this event from your mind? This one surely tickles all the funny bones in people. The laughter therapy helps in unwinding and giving you your dose of oxygen. This is the official website of the Laughter challenge that has set India to gaga and guffaws – pure and unalloyed. Meet the laughter giants in person through the web. If you think yourself to be the next Raju srivastave or Ehsaan Khureshi, then log in your name. Download gallons of jokes. Scramble through the gallery to see some gags made with Siddhuisms and Shekhar doses. Catch the virgin magic of reality TV shows here.

starworld.indya.com/kwk (starworld.indya.com/kwk)

Aha! Celebrity reality shows does make you sit up with eagerness. A straight-jacketed face can’t hide the smirk. Yes Koffee with Karan has given some rave episodes stuffed with high drama and emotions, thrill and starry tantrums, glitz and oozing glamour, bitter-sweet moments and storms. What else do you need to keep you glued to the television set? And not to forget Karan’s repartees. This is one of the reality TV shows that hook the celebs as if they are looking at the glass, poked where it hits the most, have the right strings pulled. Visit here to see more.

starvoiceofindia.indya.com (starvoiceofindia.indya.com)

Talent hunts are a household thing now. With the gasping success rates of these reality TV shows, each day a new idea is born, a new programme with some streaks of the old tricks and some innovation are launched. Shaan hosts this singing contest with his usual amicable boy next door charm. Talent is what they are trying to gun down and they are orthodox about the judging basics. Take a look to meet the participants, get first hand source of information about the host and the panel of judges, vote for the singing sensations, check results and have free access to the video parlour and the gallery.

biggboss.sifymax.com (biggboss.sifymax.com)

Replication the American show stellar ‘The Big brother”, this was the Indian edition. Though the reality TV show is over, the agonies inflicted, the politics played and the gossips thrown at the gossip monger’s delight are still fresh in the minds of the Indian audience. You can visit this website to take a close look at the profiles of the famous inhabitants of the big brother house. If you had missed the heat, you can make amends by seeing the videos. The Rakhi Sawant- Amit Sadh controversy, the romantic liaisons, the hidden spy and the trivia – brush up with all these here.

setindia.com/shows (www.setindia.com/shows)

All the groovy danseuses have their feet one step ahead when you name Boogie Woogie. This wonder reality TV show had crowning glory viewership as it was the most remarkable podium for the dancers. The 10 marathon years of its running has given it a name which can still puff up fame and glory. A show with a difference, Boogie Woogie has seen many dancers set the floor on fire. Go through this site to know more about this show that is still aired with gusto and watched with equal vigour. Take a look at one of the most uproarious and talent sieving reality TV shows.

vindia.com (www.vindia.com)

Do want to take the old ‘you’ out and give it a makeover? If you had your quota of fairy tales alright, you would remember how Cinderella was metamorphosed from a girl next door to a princess. Make this fairy tale happen in your life. The channel takes the onus of bringing about the transformation if you have the green card entry from the judges. They have certain criteria which you need to fit into without compromise. And then your grooming can shape you up into the next super model of India. Walking the ramps will be just a step in the row and a wild card entry in the Bollywood a living truth. Visit to get going.

www.bestindiansites.com will serve as your faithful friend while searching for topics like reality TV shows.