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Best Indian Recipes

Recipes or the methodology of cooking a particular dish enables us to rustle up some delectable dishes at our homes. Now that the world has become a global village we are g getting exposed to a lot of cuisines. We Indians are now equally comfortable wolfing down pizzas as we are gorging some crispy parathas. In this page you will find ten amazing sites which bring you a wide array of recipes from all sorts of recipes. You will be able to take a culinary tour of the world with the help of these exquisite recipes. They cover an array of cuisines from continental to Chinese, Thai, and Italian. So whether you like bland continental food or spicy Thai food you can find recipes here that cater to all kind of taste buds.

indiaparenting.com (www.indiaparenting.com/cookingclub)

If you want to make some continental dishes this summer which would be tasty yet light and not too overtly spicy this could be the perfect site for you. Some great continental recipes are provides in this site which would enable you to cooks some lip smacking continental dishes in the comfort of your own home. So just log into this site and get hold of these enticing recipes and woo your family members by cooking these dishes.

whereincity.com (www.whereincity.com/recipes/chinese/)

Chinese is probably the most popular cuisine in the world. To prepare some yummy Chinese dishes you could visit this site which brings you a wide array of Chinese recipes. These recipes are written in clear and lucid terms which enable even the culinary novices to prepare these. So go ahead and try out your hand in preparing some delectable Chinese dishes from these recipes.

tarladalal.com (www.tarladalal.com)

If you are still not satiated and need some more great recipes to rustle up some finger licking Chinese fare log into this site. Ace chef Tarala Dalal regales you with some great recipes of vegetarian Chinese dishes which are easy to prepare as well as tasty. This extensive collection of Chinese recipes would be a virtual treasure trove of all connoisseurs of Chinese cuisine. Bon appetite!

bawarchi.com (www.bawarchi.com/cookbook)

Thai cuisine is now giving serious competition to Chinese cuisine and growing increasingly popular among foodies of the world. The spice and tangy flavor of Thai cuisine has lured lot of food lovers. Now you don't have to go to any fancy restaurant to enjoy some scrumptious Thai dishes but you can prepare them at home too. Just peek int this site which brings to you a gamut of recipes of Thai dishes and get going.

tips4me.com (www.tips4me.com/tips/recipes)

Like the beautiful country of Italy its cuisine is also appealing. Hearty Italian dishes like pastas and lasagna and spaghetti delight food lovers across the world. Indian people are also getting more and more accustomed to luscious Italian fare. If you want to treat your friends and family with some great Italian food do visit this site which provides you with the recipes of some popular Italian dishes. So go ahead and prepare these delectable Italian dishes and say “mamma mia”!

dgreetings.com (www.dgreetings.com)

Italian cuisine provides the perfect Mediterranean flavor and has lured hordes of gourmets all over the world. Italian eateries have mushroomed all over the western world and now India now is starting to appreciate authentic Italian dishes too. Try out your hand in preparing some great Italian cuisine with the help of this website. Here you can find an extensive collection on tasty Italian recipes.

recipes.tajonline.com (www.recipes.tajonline.com)

This site will lure you into browsing through the finest collection of Indian cuisine. If you are an out and out foodie who just can’t resist some delectable Indian food this is just the site for you. All the recipes provided here follow the low-oil and low sodium healthy method of cooking. The top Indian recipes are also enlisted separately so that you can have the choicest pick of all these recipes.

sify.com (sify.com/food)

This is a one stop site for you if you are searching for some lip smacking Indian recipes which you can rustle in your kitchen. The recipes provided here are sumptuous and yummy. They are also easy to prepare and the instructions for cooking are given in a clear and lucid manner to make you work easier. You can also post your quires regarding any of these recipes to the resident experts on cooking and nutrition.

freerecipes.in (www.freerecipes.in/indian_recipes)

This is a site which will regale you about details of various Indian recipes and the various Indian spices used in them. Cooking is all about aroma and flavor. This site tutors you how to use various traditional Indian spices in various recipes from the different parts of India. So go ahead and tickle your taste buds by cooking up a sumptuous meal from the list of Indian recipes provided here. Delectable array recipes of vegetarian and non vegetarian Indian dishes are provided here.

kitchensofindia.com (www.kitchensofindia.com)

This site delves in to the gourmet world of Indian cuisine. This site has a huge array of famous Indian recipes from the different regions of India. This is an enchanting site for all the self confessed connoisseurs of food. The recipes from the four regions of India uphold the culinary tradition of each region. So add variety to you day to day meal and download these Indian recipes from this site.

Treat your self with some mouth watering fare with the help of this webpage.

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